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Will the new Netflix Original, Cursed have a second season? Read below to know all the details!

cursed a generally secret character from the narratives of Ruler Arthur and rethought her as the legend of the story. Katherine Langford’s Nimue, predominant known as the incredible Woman of the Lake, is the wielder of the Sword of Control in cursed.


In light of the novel by Tom Wheeler and Straight to the point Mill administrator, the no-frills Netflix modification is loaded with courageous fights, evil lowlifes, heroic endeavors, and the examination of sabotaging control and acknowledgment.

Spoilers ahead for Cursed Season 1.

Season 1 of Cursed finished on a significant cliffhanger that saw Nimue being struck somewhere near Sister Iris, a conspiring Red Paladin supporter. She’s presently actually the Lady of the Lake, however it’s difficult to discover whether Nimue is as yet alive.

With such a large number of Season 1’s plotlines left uncertain, while additionally setting up specific characters’ actual personality (Lancelot, Guinevere, and Percival), Cursed has made way for an energizing Season 2.


Here’s all that we do think about Season 2, including discharge date, plot, cast, and more for Netflix’s rethought Arthurian story.


The show hasn’t authoritatively been reestablished at this point, which is not out of the ordinary thinking about that it just debuted a couple of days back on July 17.

All things considered, the dream arrangement is as of now slanting at number one on Netflix, which implies that fans are locked in and viewing. That is a decent sign. With any karma, Cursed ought to be recharged in a matter of seconds.

Will the new Netflix Original, Cursed have a second season? Read below to know all the details!


Talking with Elle, Langford believes there’s “a lot of stories left” and feels that Season 1 was just the beginning of a more extended excursion for Nimue.

With respect to Season 2, the 13 Reasons Why entertainer had one thing as a top priority in regards to where her character’s story could investigate.

 Release date of cursed season2?

rebuilding suggests no release date. Observe this space for more information.


It’s troublesome to state without a questionbe that as it may it’s decently certain that the sophomore season will wrap up on the crowd of plotlines cleared out questionable in Season 1. Nimue, by and by Ruler of the Fey, has been shot with a jolt and is clearly dead.

Within the between times, Merlin, directly utilizing the Sword of Control, executed Father Carden, the pioneer of the Ruddy Paladins (Christian clerics who got to murder the aggregate of the otherworldly and non-human people).