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Black clover is a Japanese manga series. Its adaptation of anime series under the same name has completed two seasons, and the third season is ongoing. Black clover first premiered on 3rd October and completed so far 132 episodes. Since its debut episode, it has a huge fan base and is considered one of the big 3 in addition to One piece and Boruto.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the third season to continue since its last episode on April 28th. The production of the series has been stopped due to the covid19 pandemic situation, and the 133rd episode, which is supposed to be released on 5th May 2020, is postponed. Here are some details about the next episode.


the story revolves around Asta and Yuno, who are abandoned as children at the same church and have been inseparable since then. The series has been written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata, and the series belongs to battle manga. In the story, Yuno is a genius with powers of magic, and good controlling power, and Asta couldn’t use the power of magic at all. As they grew up, differences arrive, and they challenge who would become the next emperor, Mangus. When both of them are fifteen years old, they are given magic books called grimoires. Yuno receives a four-leaf clover, and asta receives none. When Yuno gets to know that asta received a five-leaf clover named black clover, he gets threatened.


the last episode released before the break is titled “the lion awakens, Continued”.the episode is 3rd episode in the third season and aired on 28th April 2020. in the episode asta who don’t possess any powers goes through vigorous training to cover up. After the break, the series continued its 4th episode and aired on 7th July 2020 and completed three episodes. The next episode will be broadcasted on July 28th, 2020.