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White lines season 2: Did the show registered for a new season? Know all the details here.

White lines:

White lines is a British-Spanish thriller series created by Alex Pina. The first season released on May 15, 2020, with a total of 10 episodes. Directed by Nick Hamm and Luis preito. It has been at the top of most popular Tv series on Netflix. The show attracted many audiences and now fans are waiting for the release of next season.

Will there be another season of White lines?

Although Netflix has not registered for the show yet, there is a little chance that the show is going to be cancelled. But as the first season attracted many audiences, fans are demanding a new season. There is hope for another season to be released. The first season took around 6 months for filming and other 6 months for post-production. So we can expect the next season would take the same time for production. If the production starts by the end of this year we can hope for its release by the end of next year.

Who will return for season 2?

We can expect most of the cast members from the previous season will return for the new season also. The expected cast members include Laura Haddock as Zoe, Nuno lopes as Boxer, Daniel Mays as Marcus, Marta Milans as Kika, Angela Griffin as Anna, Laurence Fox as David. And it’s not clear whether Tom Rhy Harries will return or not.


The story starts from the end of the previous season. Here Zoe finds out her brother Alexa’s body on the Calafat after 20 years. In investigating her brother’s murder, she leaves her husband and daughter. While doing that she challenges her dark side in a place where people live their life in limits. Then she finds that Marcus, a friend of Alexa, has a major role in his murder. The story comes to an end with a twist when Anna and Marcus marries. So Zoe finds it difficult to investigate from there.