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All You Have To Know About Future!!!!What Is Going to Happen Next In Venom 2? Also, Check Out the Trailer Below!

To my lovely readers wanna know what is going to happen in the future by a marvel hero??? Then why late common to check out what are the interesting facts about the future mostly Venom 2.We all know that venom is one of the marvel characters in Marvel movies, where the sony pictures and marvel creations gave life to one of the character based on its capability; where the first part banged its hit in there’s in 2018. Many fans are still waiting eagerly for the announcement regarding the sequel of venom where we can assume the craze of the cinema.


Trailer Of Venom:

Team play Of Venom 2:

Coming to the team behind this awesome film; the movie is directed by Andy Serkis and screenplay by kelly marcel where the cinematography by Robert Richardson. The producers of this movie are Avi arad and Amy pascal and produced by Columbia pictures along with marvel productions. Distribution by sony pictures where the sequel is also done by sony.

All About VENOM 2:


Sequel Venom
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Venom is an action-super hero film based on marvel comics character “venom” where it shows the positivity of the character in the film. The sequel is named as “VENOM: let there be carnage” where we can expect a lot by the title itself:)))

The story revolves around venom and his supporting roles wherein the sequel we can expect the appearance of spide-man. Yes!you read correctly we can the entry of spider-man in it:)))))

Plot In Venom 2:

The storyline of venom is about battles the evil carnage where the journalist’s life suddenly turns into a superhero by the attack of the alien into him. Eddiebrock runs his life as a journalist where he merges with alien venom in his investigation on cartoon drake, the notorious and brilliant founder of the lie foundation. After merging with the venom he becomes into a strong, superhuman, and power. Twisted, dark, and fueled by rage, Venom tries to control the new and dangerous abilities of Eddie where it finds intoxicating.

In the upcoming sequel in 2021, we can expect that spiderman can help Eddie to become normal.


Venom 2 Release Date NOT DELAYED & is Coming with Tom Hardy & Woody Harrelson, Story & Updates

Cast And Crew:

The roles are reprised by Tommy hardy as Eddi brock venom, woody Harrelson as Cletus Kassidy, Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, and Stephen Graham as a supporting role where tom holland enacts to be spide-man.





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