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The Netflix Dracula anime is coming back with it’s season 4? Know everything about Castlevania here,

Castlevania is very popular among anime lovers and the series is available on Netflix too. That a huge plus. It is based on the video game of the same name which is made by Komani. It’s mostly popular because of the different and thrilling storyline. We first saw the video game came to live in the form of series in 2017 and still can not get over it.

The series is very popular because in just a span of three years it has got a huge amount of fan following. Castlevania is made by Warren Ellis. As the lockdown began, Castlevania gained more popularity as people began to discover it.

When will Season 4 of Castlevania release? What is the plot of the season 4 about?

Know everything in detail about Castlevania, that you were waiting to know. Here.

The creators of the show have finally decided to release its season 4. Castlevania firstly was supposed to release as a movie but then the makers decided to make it a series and we can not thank them enough for this. There was gap od 15 months between first and the second season and a 16-month gap for season 3. According to this, we might get to see season 4 in 2021.

Source- polygon.com

This season plot might be based on the confrontation between Trevor and Dracula. Carmilla will surely be loaded with more power than any other season. The lives of Wallachians depends upon Trevor and Dracula’s battle. Though, the information regarding the plot is not clear these are our theories based on the previous seasons. Like you, we also can not wait to see the season 4 of Castlevania because it will be surely filled with excitement and amazing thrills.