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Bofuri Season 2 Confirmed: Release Date, Spoilers, and Know All the Details!

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The release date of Bofuri season 2 is confirmed. It’s a Japanese based novel written by Yuumikan. It was also published online on Shōsetsuka ni Narō started in back 2016. The novel is famous among its fans and loved by every age group. The official statement about the release of season 2 is to support the fan’s anticipation. The previous season ended on May 25 having 12 episodes and new seasons will continue from the left story. Maple may increase the ability could be the defining moment in this season. Want to learn more details about season 2? Scroll the article to know all the details about it.


Release date

As of now, there haven’t been any official statements of release but there was news of being released this year. The pandemic has caused all the workforces to shut down. It could also defer the release date. The only statement from the production team said they have started the production of season 2.

Star cast

Kaede Honji as Maple and Risa Shiramine as Sally (Maple’s friend). Also, followed by Kasumi, Kanade, Kuromu, Iz, and May are the roles being played.

The story will start from the last ending point of the previous season. As asked by the friend, Kaede Honjo starts playing the new online game maple. She is a shield user as she does defense and her stats rise. As she gains enormous points and builds her defense stronger. Due to defense, the magic and pace slow. As she becomes an expert in dealing with such situations. She developed her defense mechanism which let her achieve so many things.


As of now, the season will constitute more hurdles and problems which will connect to fans in a better manner.

Silver link studios produced the trailer of the first season. The studio gained a large fam following by its remarkable work on Strike the blood, Wise Man’s Grandchild, Kokoro Connect.