Another case of Kylie Jenner getting slammed for her show off of her $300K Rolls Royce amid the pandemic. Read to know more about the situation.

Apart from being a reality star and a makeup artist, it is not a secret that Kylie Jenner is a big Car connoisseur. She has a massive collection of high priced rides that include, red Lamborghini, a white Bugatti Chiron, and a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and many others.

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As of late, there was an expansion to her vehicle assortment. Jenner obtained another Rolls Royce on July 18 that is worth net $300,000. Be that as it may, after she flaunted the ride on the web, fans started to condemn her for her pompous demonstration of riches, particularly when so much is going on around the globe.

Her post:

“Structured this vehicle such a long time ago. I’m so cheerful!” Jenner said in one clasp as she flaunted within the Rolls Royce. “All pink,” she noted.

The car has a sparkling dark outside and hot pink cowhide inside. The vehicle likewise has “Stormi’s Mom” etching and different rich highlights.

Peoples reaction to her $300K Rolls Royce:

There was a mixed reaction from her fans. Some appreciated and congratulated Kylie Jenner for her new addition to her collection of cars, while some slammed her for flaunting her richness when people are dying out of hunger during the pandemic.”

One of her fans wrote supporting her that, “If you’re here to hate. Remember male artists do this all the time. They flash jewelry, money, and cars. So why can’t Kylie post her car?

While others wrote a mixed reaction, neither supporting her nor bashing her. she wrote, “Sadly she has x amount of cars and just getting more and more while people are suffering from unemployment and etc from this virus. Not hating just saying the truth.”

What do you think about this post of Jenner, was she right or wrong?

To know more about her car collection, watch the video below.