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Dragon Prince 4 is finally happening. Scroll below to watch the trailer and know all the details.

One of the top viewed series in Netflix originals is the dragon prince, which is producing by Netflix and directing by Aaron ehasz and Justin Richmond.

Netflix itself got explode by the likes and views of the dragon prince series where it renewed up to three seasons, where we can expect the fourth one too. The dragon prince is producing under wonderstone entertainments along with NetFlix.


The plot of the Dragon Prince:

So, recalling from season 3 we can see that happy ending with the reawakening of zym’s mother and friendship between humans and elves rekindled. On the other hand, Viren brought back to life by his daughter Claudia, where he was shown slipped from mountains and brought back two days after the incident. But Viren is getting power from the baby dragon where it has to come from the cocoon stage. So, let’s wait and watch in season 4 what the fishy thing happening:)))


SO, coming to the plot in season 4 we can expect the relationship bonding between Callum and rayla will be more fun to explore. But rayala still needs to recover Viren’s coins the trapped souls of other Moonshadow elves.

Callum continued to grow in strength with his magic and improves his abilities. So, waiting for the fourth season where the expectations are kissing sky!!! Ezran is starting to come into his own asking with his friends.

so, by these expectations, a brunch is waiting for us in the fourth season!!! If you not yet watched or skipped any season of the dragon prince watch it…and it’s worth watching to my dear readers!!

The trailer of Dragon Prince season 4:


The dragon prince season 4:

The shooting took action from fourteen-month as per the information but after waiting a year we can expect it by 2021. All the characters are going to entertain u sone more time.



enjoy lyf is my only moto and goal in lyf not ot rush and hurry bfor it,enjoy the moment, moments r precious in lyf