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Gamers Get Your Gadgets Ready!!! Horizon Forbidden West PS5 release date, trailer and everything you need to know!

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Horizon Zero Dawn is an exclusive Playstation game loved by millions of fans. It is a sci-fi action-based game developed by Guerrilla Games and released in Feb 2017. It was published by Sony Interactive Entertainments. The Horizon Zero Dawn released for PS4, but the sequel is going to be released for Microsoft.

The sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn has been confirmed at the event during the celebration of Star Wars. The voice actor Janina Gavankar has confirmed the upcoming of Horizon Zero Dawn 2.
At Star Wars Celebrations in Chicago, Gavankar revealed to one of an exponent that she knew some secrets about the following release.
“It’s incredible, wait ’til you see the sequel. You’re gonna die – I do know some secrets! – you’re gonna die”, Janina said.
When Guerrilla’s Rebouche and Oud deleted their tweets from social media, we are able to say that HZD2 trailer would have planned for PS5 event. But, Sony hasn’t made any comment about the event date.
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Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier-one of the most voices in video game journalism tweeted that


The release of a sequel for the Horizon Zero Dawn hasn’t yet confirmed by the Guerrilla, so it’s hard to mention anything about the discharge date.
It took almost 7 years by Guerrilla to develop the Horizon Zero Dawn. Although, the was announced two years before the launch of the game. So, it is difficult to predict the time for its next sequel. But, by assuming that in 2018 its production began then in 2023 we will see its release date.

About Horizon Zero Dawn.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, the gamer is young named Aloy in “post-apocalypse” who is searching for pieces of evidence to her past. The story is about the future of Aloy, during which there are robotic creatures. Alloy will head dead set post-apocalyptic and continue the mysterious mystery that destroyed her world. There are new elements also displayed like exploring in underwater and massive robotic creatures.