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Money Heist season five theories: Is Alicia Sierra the Professor’s Sister? Is She Willing To Help The Professor.

MONEY HEIST fans are fascinated with Alicia Sierra ever since she 1st appeared within the third season of the Netflix hit. Alicia may be a powerful, cold-hearted Inspector who can do what she has got to complete employment and find the end result she needs.

She was last seen holding a gun to The Professor’s head within the season four finale thinking he’s her enemy – however may he be her brother?

All about money heist season 5 :

The merciless  Inspector has furious money Heist fans as she was disclosed to own tortured city (played by Miguel Herran) by hiding him alive, starving him and keeping him during a small cell as she interrogated him concerning The prof (Alvaro Morte).

In season 3, Alicia (Najwa Nimri) paraded Nairobi’s (Alba Flores) son Axel ahead of the Bank of Espana that result in the stealer being shot within the chest. Her cold-heart and determination to require down the gang has currently junction rectifier fans of los angeles Casa American state Papel to think about she might be associated with The prof and Berlin

For a brief timeframe, it had been trusted Alicia was actually Berlin’s mate Tatiana (Diana Gómez) be that as it may, season four prepared this wasn’t the situation.Presently fans accept she stays coupled to Berlin and furthermore the scholarly anyway naturally, not impractically.

While it showed up Alicia had the ideal situation toward the start of season four, she was immediately brought down a notch or 2 once The scholarly uncovered her chilling conduct and the manner in which she tormented city.

Alicia later on lost her employment and went out looking for vengeance, at long last finding The Professor’s fortification and holding a firearm to his head ready to complete the heist.

Will the professor be killed by Sierra? : Money Heist Season 5

In the last scene of season four of money Heist, Sierra at long last positioned any place the scholastic was camouflaged out. Sneaking up to date him though he arranged the best approach to get Lisbon back to the Bank of a European nation, the attempt had a strained deadlock inside the last couple of seconds.

She at that point order a weapon to his head and proclaimed “checkmate you child of a b****” before the screen moves dark.

Numerous watchers were accordingly left terrified concerning what this may mean for the Professor’s future on the show.