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When is Disney’s The Little Mermaid remake released in cinemas? Cast, plot and trailer

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We all grew up watching the Disney movies! Disney is famous for giving us films based on romance, fantasy and its sequels too since childhood. Little Mermaid is among one of them. The movie Little Mermaid is a live-action adventure fantasy-based film first released by Walt Disney in 1989. It is an American film directed by Rob Marshall. Since then, many animated movies, video games, TV shows followed the concept of Little Mermaid. The remake of the movie is going to romantic, fantasy and again produced by Disney. This time this movie definitely will provide something new!

The movie is based on 1989’s animated film. So we can examine the story plot of the film.


Initially, it was tough to make a choice who will play the role of Ursala, Flounder and Scrotal. But, it is confirmed by July 2019, that Healy Bailey is going to play the role of Ariel, Idris Elba will play King Triton, and Jonah Har-King will play John Eric, Melissa McCarthy as Ursala, Jacob Tremblay as Flounder, Lauryn  Alisa McClain as Arista and many more.

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The story revolves with the 16 years old young, pretty, beautiful mermaid named Ariel. Ariel’s father was the king of Atlantic, whom she lives with. Ursala, the sea witch was jealous of Ariel’s melody voice, and she always decides to own her voice. As the story continues, the witch released that Ariel is in love with a human prince named Eric. The witch decides to take advantage of this thing and the story continues. So let’s see how makers will provide the same story concept in a better manner in front of the audience.

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Release Dates.

The first movie of the mermaid was released in 1989. The remake of the movie is going to come soon. The release dates still haven’t revealed by officials yet due to the infectious virus.