Jaden Smith critically ill!! Is he dying or not? Is he so Pissed after hearing her Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Affair??

There have been rumors for several months now that Jaden Smith was dying. Some sources alleged that Jaden Smith was reportedly very sick because of his apparent drug use. Meanwhile, other sources said that Jaden was actually dying because he was suffering from malnourishment. Some sources even said it was a combination of the two.


Jaden Smith is a vegan, a dietary lifestyle that consists of eating everything but animal products – which means no milk, eggs or even honey. Doctors and medical professionals have warned that in extreme cases, veganism can lead to fatigue and malnourished bodies because of a lack of diversity in nutrients exposed to the body.

Apparently, Jaden Smith’s parents, Will and Jada were keeping this secret under wraps. They were also secretly consulting doctors and even appointed a personal nutritionist for Jaden Smith. Also, Jada was very concerned with her son’s life and was worried that his lifestyle had take a toll on him.

For the past few weeks before these rumors surfaced, witnesses say that Jaden was pale and ashy looking, and tha the color from his skin had gone. This is a common symptom of people who are malnourished. Jaden has appeared in several movies like the Karate Kid with Jackie Chan. He has also acted alongside his father in movies like The Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth alongside his father, Will Smith.

More recently, he has started his won company of bottled water called “Just Water.”  It is ethically sourced water, packaged in recyclable tetra packs and is very eco-friendly. He has also pursued music as a career, and released an album titled SYRE. No representatives of the Smiths have confirmed these allegations, and we hope Jaden is alright.