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“Food wars”!! season 5, So how excited are the fans about the show??

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Season 5 is finally here, read some exclusive details about it.

Food Wars is an anime series loved by every age group and tied it’s love to ever fans. Back to back the previous four anime series has stated that it has gained so much love from the people. Fans have already started guessing the next series and its storyline.


The upcoming season is here and what to expect being a fan?

The premier of Food Wars season 5 has given some chances to cut down many stories. So far now, most of the scenes in the upcoming season has a new star cast to roll out to fans.
As of now, Crunchyroll shared an image of the anime putting a full stop to all the buffs around of making. There were some buffs about the making of the next anime but it all came to an end. The young chef, Soma dreamt of bringing the good positive fortune to his father’s feet. Yet, the story shifts when he was being asked to join the Totuski coaching. Totuski is one of the elite coaching institutions of cooking.
However, there is no official news about the release of the anime. But tweet of Crunchyroll says that the next anime can have many of the cliffhangers.
In the previous seasons, we have seen that Soma and Erina defeating the Tsukasa and Rindo in the Team of Shokugeki against the Central. Rumors are also there telling the team could be crowned as well.

Fans loved to the upcoming season?

 Considering the response of the earlier seasons, this could be the best and iconic season. The makers have a better chance and fans expect it to be the most entertaining one ever. Fans are also excited to know that what does Soma and his friends have gotten as the story continues.