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Cable Girls Season 5: Things Fans Must Need to Know Before Its Scheduled Netflix Release –

The Netflix Web Television Series Cable Girls is a Spanish Drama. The directors of the series are Ramon Campos and Gema R. Neira.

The Things that Fans must need to Know About 5th Season are-

1.  First Part Release Date- 

The last season of the series has been divided into 2 parts. Well, it is really amazing for the fans that the Last Season of Cable Girls contains 2 parts. Part one of season 5 has already been released on 14th February 2020. Part one of the 5th Season contains 5 episodes.

2.  Second Part Release Date-

Well, the Second Part of the last Season contains a set of 5 episodes. The Second Part has also been released on 3rd July 2020. So fans can enjoy this last season with both the amazing parts.

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3.  Cast-

In the cast of Season 5, we will see the previous members. The list of the members are –

  •  Maggie Civantos as Angeles Vidal
  • Martino Rivas as Carlos Cifuentes
  • Blanca Suarez as Lidia Aguilar Davila
  • Ana Fernandez Garcia as Carlota Rodriguez de Senillosa
  • Yon Gonsalez as Francisco Gomez
  • Nadia de Santiago as Maria Immaculada
  • Ana Maria Polvorosa as Oscar Ruiz and etc.

 4.  Plot-

The Plot of the Season 5 comes with 2 parts with a set of 5 episodes in each part. Well, in the First Part of Season 5 we will see how Sofia Perez, the daughter of Angeles Vidal and Mario Perez joins as a soldier.

And  Lydia with her husband goes for the search of Sofia. The Plot of the Second Part has not revealed yet but I am sure it’s going to be super exciting.

5.  About Storyline –

This Spanish Drama is woven around the lives of 4. All 4 of them join a company together and start working there. They get there a decent amount of salary. Then while working there they found some independence to live their life. Somehow in different ways, they are attached to their families and other basic life stuff.  This show reveals the harsh and cruel reality of Spanish society where getting an independent life is a dream for women. The concept of the show is to make people aware of what problems women have to face in a male-dominated society.