HomeAnimeTrailer of World Trigger Season 2 is finally out!!! Click Here to Watch it and Get the Latest Information About the Show.

Trailer of World Trigger Season 2 is finally out!!! Click Here to Watch it and Get the Latest Information About the Show.

Animation series and games are going very popular nowadays because of their work and interesting features of it. The animation is the one where all age groups can enjoy and gets thrilled. And this is how we can get hold of it.

so, why late get it into our topic world trigger season 2!!!!


It’s a japan made animation video game that got popular and transferred to us because of its highly; fighting works.

World trigger season 2 produced by TOEI ANIMATION, where the series was designed and produced by Daisuke Ishihara in japan and later transferred into jump square.

The Plot of World Trigger :

the plot of the world trigger is started in a mikado city, where the people live happily and suddenly attacked by neighbors who are known as enemies in the series. so; all their n weapons show no action on the neighbors except trigger. when the trigger gets triggered sudden energy Is felt by the people by that how the trigger helps the people and finally, there is a decrease in people is seen. so one day a white-haired guy transfers to a local school; whose name is  YUMA KUGA, actually he is the neighbor who hides from people after transferring to the school. in school, he meets another c-graded neighbor. the plot runs like how he hid from people by hiding his identity.




World Trigger Season 2- Trailer


World Trigger Season 2- Release Date

TELECAST: by Crunchyroll

PUBLISHED BY: Bandai Namco games

PRODUCED BY: Toei animation

World trigger has worth watching content which makes you want to binge. If you were not aware of it check it once in the trailer!!!!

The first season was with 73 episodes which finished by April 2016. Due to this worldwide situation, we have to wait for some time to see the next season of it. As the director announced that there will be a renowned season of world trigger!!!









enjoy lyf is my only moto and goal in lyf not ot rush and hurry bfor it,enjoy the moment, moments r precious in lyf