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Great News! Get Your Game On Guys…… New Updates on Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Horizon Forbidden West

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Good News, For all Gaming lovers, one of the famous adventure role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn is coming back with a sequel named Horizon Forbidden West.

Guerilla Games developed an action role-playing game named as Horizon Zero Dawn published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. A character named Aloy, a human hunter in a world run, by full of machines, who set to uncover her past. She uses Ranged weapons, a spear, and a bow with an arrow. The game had released in 2017 for the PlayStation.

According to the news, the sequel will be exclusive for Ps5 Users. According to the 2019 February survey, the game sold over 10 million copies.

Updates on Release Date

Horizon Zero Dawn Come back with the official notice of sequel Horizon Forbidden West. The game team Confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn has a sequel which is going to launch on PlayStation 5 exclusively. We can except Horizon Zero Dawn sequel Horizon Forbidden west in 2021.

Updates on Story plot of Horizon Forbidden West

We all know the character named Aloy, who lives in the world run by machines. She uses ragged weapons to protect her from the monster machines. And she had to find her family mystery and why did the earth become like this. She had a special weapon named Focus, which helps her to solve the mystery. She found some traces of humans in that world and tries to trace her original family. In this sequel, we can expect that all her mysteries will be solved.

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Pic Credits – Pinterest

In this sequel, we can see underwater gameplay. Underwater gameplay is so exciting. All the gaming lovers are waiting for this sequel.

Trailer Of Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel

Official Trailer is released. Stay tuned for more updates.