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Katie Holmes is Pregnant!!! But Who is the Father??!! Tom Cruise or Jamie Foxx?!

The gorgeous Katie Holmes, a popular fashion diva, and an amazing Hollywood actress is expecting a baby soon enough which now comes as a shock and raises a question as to who the father of the baby actually is.

Katie’s past with Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is the ex-wife of the famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, who divorced her due to his religious beliefs in Scientology. The couple had one daughter named Suri Cruise from that marriage who now lives with her mom, Katie Holmes, and leads a happy and contented life. The marriage makes people wonder if the baby is Tom Cruises.

What started the pregnancy rumors?

Recently, speculations have been made about her pregnancy and who the father of the baby is, which has created quite a stir among fans. What started the pregnancy rumors was a photo of the glamorous model where she posed with her pregnancy stretch marks. She posted the picture online, after which fans went completely gaga over it and started congratulating her and praised her positive outlook towards life.

Katie Holmes posted that picture saying that this was her real self and that she was proud of it as should everyone be. This positivity was inspiring and admirable, and she emphasized the need to be honest, and real to one’s own self at all times.

Jamie Foxx and Katie
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Have the pregnancy rumors been confirmed?

The pregnancy has been confirmed as Katie had stated long ago that she wanted a sibling for Suri and also wanted a baby. The only question that remains is, who the father of the baby is. Jamie Foxx and Katie had a six-year-long, extremely private relationship, which led fans to believe that maybe he is the father of the baby.

But it’s been a year since the couple broke up so this news cannot be confirmed. Following the breakup, Jamie Foxx even declared Sela Valve as his new girlfriend, which discredit the rumors even more since the ex-couple is no longer together now.

As of now, fans can only wait for Katie to confirm any other news about the baby. Till then, all they can do is wait.