BODYGUARD SEASON 2 – Will the second season of the show happen? Everything you need to know the second season has been officially announced or not?

The most popular political thriller drama, BODYGUARD is coming back with season 2. However, season 2 can surely be expected after the debut proved to be a smashing hit pulling off nearly 10 million views every week.

The series is critically acclaimed and bagged so many awards including Emmy for outstanding drama series. So we pretty much know season 2 is confirmed. But what about the cast? Will Richard Madden return? When will it be aired? here’s what we know until now


Those who haven’t watched the series yet, watch the trailer, and add it to your list.(SPOILERS AHEAD)

the plot follows Richard madden; a war veteran turned as a bodyguard for protecting polarizing home secretary Julia montage (Keeley Hawes). Following montages death in the bombing, Bud is framed as a murderer, and the rest is how he unravels the conspiracy behind her murder. The first series overall has the highest viewing figures in BBC history since 2008. the final episode aired on September of 2018, incredibly became the most-watched series of the drama, nearly with 17.1 million views.


although season 2 hasn’t been officially announced, the writers and the cast said that season 2 would happen. The bodyguard creator, Jed Mercurio, said in an interview with the sun, “It’s probably fair to say we would approach any thoughts of a second series with the idea that it would create an opportunity for a third or fourth.” so we can expect, Mercurio hinted that series could run up to four seasons.

Coming to the cast, we can surely expect Richard madden to return in season 2. after two months of airing the finale he stated in an interview in Netflix event that ”We’ve been talking about it and I spoke to Jed about a month after the show had finished airing over in the UK and we sat and decided, ‘Let’s give it at least a year while we work out how to do something better.”. Both the cast and director wants to completely give the script and the character some time to breath.

Season 2 can happen, but the fans may have to wait until 2021 for the show because the team has to start shooting the actual episodes.