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GODZILLA VS. KONG( WHO WILL WIN?): Cast, Plot, rumors,spoilers, Release date, AND MANY MORE.

This American monster movie will be directed by Adam Wingard, who has been unfairly heard criticize over the years for some of his work.

And now  Adam has a real good chance at raising some eyebrows with his take on ‘GODZILLA VS KONG.’ So in  this 36th film of GODZILLA t franchise  produced  by

PLOT (What happened when the giants clash?):

According to plot leaks from the test screening that were posted on Reddit, Mechagodzilla will be built from the bones of the giant skeleton from Godzilla 2014. Mechagodzilla also has the brain of the remaining Ghidorah head from the king of the monsters. Maybe it will be the thing that humanity uses in an attempt to wipe out both the creatures. Maybe they will create a new weapon for humanity. Apparently, there will be a lot of sci-fi elements in tech that are similar to the Pacific rim. AND,

The Universe as a whole will start to head towards this high-tech anime-inspired Universe.


So basically, the film will center around KONG CHALLENGING GODZILLA, and maybe this is going on the humans will make a move to take the two out in one fell swoop. There’s reportedly  A FIVE MINUTE BATTLE  between the pair in which we don’t cut away at all to the humans, and instead, we just see them trying to kill one another.


In this sci-fi, we r going to see Alexander Skarsgård as a geologist, Millie Bobby Brown (El in stranger things) as Madison Russell, Rebecca Hall, Shun Oguri, Jessica Henwick, Kyle Chandler, and many more famous actors, so get ready for the adventure.


So previously, the team has a plan to launch the movie in November 2020, but in this pandemic situation, i don’t think that would be possible for them. So many people are extremely excited about this movie as there has been a huge build-up to this movie going on for quite some time now. Apparently, Warner Brothers claim that this panel is going to look at all their new movies coming out in 2020. Maybe the production team launched the trailer or at least the teaser in December, who knows?till then, fans are able to know about many things about the movie.


Go and check it out.