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[Update] Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date: Jin Woo will be back with the truth Spoilers & more details below!

Season 1 of the manga finished up with Jin Woo remaining inside a door, which was unintentionally formed. What’s more, he was warding off each beast there while attempting to get away.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date

As per D&C Comics, Solo Leveling is taking a short break. Regarding what extent this break may last, god just knows. In the direst outcome imaginable, it might be kept going for a considerable length of time. In the meantime, you can re-read the entire manga arrangement again, yet on the off chance that you are anxious, at that point, consider perusing the light novel.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Spoilers

As of season one’s climax,  Sung is exceptionally amazing and is nearly as ground-breaking as the national trackers. Talking about national trackers, in season 2, we may see them again in season 2. It would seem that the USA won’t abandon selecting Sung. What’s more, we likewise know the contention among Hwang and Sung. Since Hwang is associated with Mr. Thomas Andre, a fight is bound to occur between this National tracker and Jin Woo.

Taking a gander at the plot gaps, we realize that Sung’s father is as yet absent. We additionally realize that the USA knows numerous things behind this man. So imagine a scenario where they utilize this as a trap to draw Sung in. There are numerous eyes searching for Sung Jin Woo. Next, we realize Sung is building up an organization all alone. Presently by what means will this advancement? Also, what amount of development will we see?

The following discharge has been postponed for the time being. As per a Twitter post, D&C Webtoons have revealed to us that the principal season is finished. Also, they are taking a brief break. What’s not satisfactory is to what extent is that ‘brief break.’ It might be weeks or months. Besides, with the coronavirus episode, it gets significantly harder to conjecture what the specific discharge date would be.

According to our theories, Solo Leveling Season 2, otherwise known as I level up Alone part 111’s discharge date ought to be on around May 2020.