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My Hero Academia Season 4: Fans are going Crazy Over New Plot Detail. Finally it is releasing?

Crunchyroll had already announced that My Hero Academia Season 4 is coming on their streaming service in October in the Fall of 2019. However, this is not the detail that the fans are going crazy.

My Hero Academia rose to the height of popularity among the shonen fans as soon as it was aired. The manga for MHA was already pretty popular and well received among the Japanese and international fans. But it was the Anime Adaptation of the Manga that made My Hero Academia this popular.

There are a total of 3 seasons that have been aired of MHA along with a Movie whose story is exclusive and not in the Manga. The last season ended with Izuku Midoriya, the show’s protagonist and many of his fellow classmates from Class 1-A of U.H. High School getting their provisional license after an intense exam. There were many other things that happened in the last season such as the introduction of the show’s main antagonist to the world, All For One and the epic fight between him and All Might. The fight which ended with the defeat of All For One but resulted in the All Might Losing his One For All ability.

The season reached the pinnacle of hype that any show wants when All For One and All Might clashed. And the season ended with the introduction of the Big Three i.e U.H. High School’s Top 3 Student and Mirio Togata. Mirio was an interesting character because at first, he seemed very quirky just like Midoriya. However, he was very powerful too and right full owner of the title of School’s Strongest student as he was able to take out entire class 1-A with ease.

But the things fans are going crazy over is the direction that the My Hero Academia Season 4 is going to take with its story. And all the manga reader you know what I am talking about.

*Spoilers if you haven’t read the Manga do not read ahead if you don’t want to spoil yourself.

So the thing that the fans of the show are expecting is the Mirio and Eri Storyline as it will finally get adapted in the upcoming Season 4. Season 4 of MHA will adapt the Shie Hassaikai Arc in which we will see Mirio and Midoriya take on Overhaul, one of the strongest antagonists of the show. And we will also see how he will use Eri, young girl with the quirk that can remove other people’s quirk and Overhaul will use her against our protagonist.

So all those people who are waiting for the My Hero Academia Season 4 just have to wait a few months for the show to be released worldwide.