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Black Adam What Is Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer? And Shazam Will Stop Black Adam?

If you’re a DC fan you cannot have missed Black Adam in the latest DC movie Shazam and even if you’re not a fan you might want to keep your prejudices aside and get on board with the new supervillain in town.
Black Adam was the antagonist in the movie Shazam and now he has his movie named after him, Black Adam.

(And no, it has nothing to do with the recent communal disturbances.)
So let’s find out more about our supervillain.

When Will It Release?

Black Adam is a sequel to Shazam and both the movies were predetermined to be interdependent. With Shazam already scoring huge on the big screen, fans will probably have to wait for a while.
Dwayne Johnson is one the producers and actors of the movie released a teaser poster for Black Adam long back in November 2019, which had the release date on it for December 22, 2021. We know it’s a long wait but we assure you it’ll be worth the while.

Black Adam: Plot and Origin

Since the Black Adam movie will be a spin-off or a sequel to Shazam, it will follow the rivalry between them carrying forward in this movie.

Adam Sztykiel was hired as a screenwriter for the movie in 2017 and most probably the writing is complete since the filming was scheduled to take off in late 2019. So, we do not have any substantial take away for what might the plot be.


The casting for the movie is yet to be announced officially but we are quite certain Dwayne Johnson is playing Black Adam. As for the other cast members, we have some names but they are not confirmed yet. They include:
Adrianna Tomaz as Isis
Kent Nelson as Doctor Fate
Carter Hall as Hawkman
Shiera Sanders as Hawkgirl
Maxine Hunkel as Cyclone
We will update you with the confirmed names as soon as we get news of it.