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How to reset windows 7 password without logging in, Smart Tweaks

How to reset windows 7 password without logging in

It’s common knowledge that every PC requires an operating system to function. Now, many users use a password on their PC to protect their data from unauthorized persons. Although this password provides good security, forgetting this password often creates a problematic situation for the owner.

Most of us have no idea about resetting passwords in windows 7 without logging in. The simplest method to recover the password is to use a reset disk. Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of this feature. Luckily, there are other methods of resetting the password, and they are pretty easy as well.

How to reset windows 7 password without logging in
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In any case, you set some passwords and if you don’t remember it, this article will surely help you reset your password on Windows 7 without logging in.

When you enter the user without a password you can see there is a note which is showing “the user name or password is incorrect”.

So, if you need help resetting your password or you don’t have access to it, here are some ways below.

Ways to reset your password without logging in on Windows 7.

So, if you don’t want to lose the windows 7 license and files from the inside of your laptop or computer.

Here is a way.

First of all, restart your computer and wait until it loads, now we are gonna see the operating system loading just turn it off again. Now start it again and now you should have a few more options pop up. So now you will have windows error recovery. Now click on the option Launch Startup Repair. Wait for a while to get it to load. Now it’s gonna try and fix the operating system. This may take up to a few minutes.

Now it will ask you if you want to restore. Just cancel it and don’t allow it to restore. Now, wait for the final message where it says that “it’s unable to fix it” because that’s what you need. After like 10 or 15 minutes you will get this message.  cvyfcfcfvvcvfcvcrtdsersawesazswsazasqwaZAQzA-IUTFRDFCT6TRDCXDFRT5RDFFR5RDX31

Now scroll all way down and look out for the link named “X:\windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt” simply press it. Now we are gonna go on the file option and click on open. Go to your computer. Now we are looking for the windows where it is installed.

Then scroll down to system32 and click on it and change the option to all files so, now we will be able to see all the files. Now look for the file name etc and rename it whatever you want and don’t forget to remember this name.

Now go to cmd and make a copy of it and then come down and paste it on space, now you can rename this one with the. Now close everything.

Again restart your computer, wait for it to load. When it’s loaded push your shift key five times. So now you can go and see all the users with this command net user and now we are on a guest page. Now we’re going to put a net user page *.

Now let’s start and this gonna ask us to change the password, now you can type here your new password and I hope your password is reset successfully.

To reset your windows password without logging in.How to reset windows 7 password without logging in

Here is one more way.

Press the shift key and the power button at the same time, then click on the Restart in the lower right corner of your screen

Now on the next choose an option screen, click on the troubleshoot>reset this PC.

Then, click on remove everything, and you are done with your problem of resetting the password on Windows 7.

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