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This Is Us season 6 episode 9 every details, recap, story line.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9.

Kate leaves the Pearson family cabin following a tense Thanksgiving dinner that revealed bigger fractures in her and Toby’s marriage than they had expected to visit Toby one last time.

In this article we are going to talk about This is Us season 6, episode 9, named “The Hill”, Kate and Toby spent the day which was expected to be a highly romantic weekend together, but things get grubby.

This Is Us season 6 episode 9.
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The following article is about the show This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9, “The Hill,” which was released on Tuesday, March 22 on NBC.

After a Kevin- Centric episode the previous week. This Is Us came back for Season 6, Episode 9, “The Hill,” which focuses mainly on Kate, particularly Kate going to visit Toby in San Francisco at his new job.

Both of them have been dealing with some marital problems from the Season 5 final episode flash-forwarded to Kate getting married to her boss Philip at some time in the future. This latest episode brings those tensions straight to the ground.

In the past, Kevin doesn’t want to learn how to swim still he’s craving to jump off the diving board. Despite his begging, Jack doesn’t allow him to jump as it wasn’t safe. He storms away and Rebecca ran behind him to make him comfortable and easy, and even as a young child Kevin thinks that he’s not durable and strong like Jack.

It’s a very deep established insecurity he’s carried his whole life and he’s allowed that to burn his bad decisions and general self-doubt ever since then.

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On the other hand, drunk, after his Thanksgiving break up with his wife Sophie, Kevin admits that he’s superficial and doesn’t have the premise to be a good or successful man. He strongly believes his siblings acquire something that he doesn’t, so he decides to quit acting and go into work construction like Jack.


Surely long-term duration acting first worked out for him, but it’s sad to see him giving up on himself.

That’s led by Kate and Randall coming together to support their brother unconditionally, even though Kevin hasn’t always been on a good note for Kevin but wants to be an intense person and uses the community swimming pool as a metaphor for that thing.

For the time being, This is Us season 6 episode 9 shows Kevin responding to Rebecca’s big speech from the last episode about enjoying life to the fullest and making continuous progress in their lives.

The very next day, Kevin joined Randall as they say goodbye to Toby. Before moving up on his way as well.

He gets back to his twins and when he’s having a difficult time getting them to sleep at their particular time, Kate motivates him to parent with high confidence. He’s trying to be a very good parent, but he’s continuously doubting his inner self, and constantly hearing those around him doubt him too.

When Kevin’s show took a break, he planned to take his twins to the cabin for at least a couple of weeks with no additional support outside of Nicky and Cassidy. Randall and Kate tease Kevin about Cassidy being at the cabin with him even though he insists she’s just to look after construction and it has none to do with their past relationship

This Is Us season 6 episode 9.

The bulletin time.

Traveling with babies isn’t an easy task and Kevin learns that the hard way while on a plane with his kids. His self-doubt and low self-confidence are on high display throughout his journey.

Kate comes back to the party and confessed to Toby about the job offer, but most mainly about how she feels he made her a fool.

Back at the apartment she openly asks about the salary difference between his present job and the LA job offer. She is asking for a change in dollar value that would be worth her pulling up her life and their family’s life. Toby declines to answer and insists that everything he’s doing is for their own family.

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