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7 Best ways to fix “Discord messages failed to load” Know all latest update here with new twist

Discord messages failed to load

Discord users face an error “Discord messages failed to load” primarily due to network problems, server problems, or temporary system blocking. This message means that the application was unable to retrieve messages from the server itself or was unable to display them in the User Interface (UI) of the application due to certain internal issues.

Discord does not work if you encounter this error. No messages will load and instead, the message will be replaced with a blank background that includes empty chat bubbles. No matter how many times you try to reload, the situation may or may not happen.

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What causes “Discord messages failed to load” to Discord?

This error message is strongly associated with the following causes:

  • Server issues
  • Internal application error
  • Internal Blocking due to Spam
  • Network problems
  • Error in your system

These are the very common reason for this problem. It can also have other causes depending on your condition.

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How to fix “Discord messages failed to load”?

This issue is easily resolved. However, you should find out what caused the problem in your situation. We will start with the usual remedies and go down in the right way.

Discord messages failed to load

Checking Discord Server Status

Before you try anything, you should first go to the official Discord Status site and see if the resources are working normally. In many cases, users face an issue where resources themselves are facing a problem.

Here, if you see a red bar, it means there is an exit. If you notice that the problem persists, you should wait patiently. The shutdown is usually resolved within a few minutes unless it is a major problem.

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Clicking Text Channel containing ‘#’

A quick solution for unloaded messages is to click on one of the existing text channels in the left bar marked ‘#’. It seems that when you join a Discord or a particular server, it tries to load all the messages at once. This creates an overdrive when he does not know where to put it.

By using this, we tell you where it should be and it always works well. This was shared on Reddit by one of the users and applied to almost all users. You can use this application until Discord releases the correction for this (🤞).

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Force Restart Discord

Another quick fix to this issue is forcing you to restart the Discord program. No matter which operating system you are using. Application restart updates all modules within the application and downloads new data to servers.

For Windows

  1. Press Windows + R. Type ‘taskmgr’ in the dialogue box and press Enter.
  2. Look at Discord and select it.
  3. Now click ‘Finish Task’ and wait a few seconds before opening the app again.

For macOS

  1. Press the command + space bar and type ‘Activity Monitor’ to open the application.
  2. Search for Discord and select it.
  3. Now press the cross icon at the top to force the app to close.

Check Server / Group Permissions

Another use of the problem is when you join a new server by invitation but you cannot view any messages and receive this error message. Here, it could be two cases:

  • The problem is wide with the application and is not specific to the server.
  • You do not have permission for the message viewing server.

We have seen this happen in many different situations. Contact the person who sent you the invitation and ask directly if you have enough permission.

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Waiting for Temporary Prohibition to Propose

Discord has a way of stopping spam or unwanted spam activity in the application. It is known that it is ‘silent’ to prevent individuals. Discord is known to temporarily block people from performing any of the following activities:

  • Spamming emos in a short time
  • Using Auto-clicker to auto-reply or spam messages
  • Sends copied-attached messages or too many in a short time.

These are the most common activities that lead to temporary closure. If you have done any of these, you should wait until you are done. Account recovery time can vary from a few hours to 1-2 days.

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Deleting Discord Temporary Data

For Windows users

Discord may accumulate corrupted temporary data in your application’s local storage. If so, the application will get into an error state whenever it uploads and displays the error message ‘Failed to download’.

To address this, we may rename these temporary folders. When Discord uploads next, it will find existing folders and create new ones from scratch and upload new data. This will solve the problem in our situation.

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Next, navigate to the following folders. We think you have installed Discord in your C drive.
  3. Rename both folders to ‘Discord. old’.
  4. Restart your computer and log in to the app. See if the problem is resolved.

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Using VPN and Route Restart

Another way is to use a VPN and restart your router. There are cases where Discord blocked your domain address due to the temporary blocking mentioned above or because of someone using the same ISP as you. Bad network configuration can also be listed here.

First of all, we recommend that you restart your router completely. This will give you a new local IP address that may solve the problem.

  1. Close your router. Now, disconnect its cable from a power outage.
  2. Press and hold any button on the track so that the capacitors are removed.
  3. After waiting a few seconds, connect everything back and try opening the app. See if the issue is resolved.

This is it for today’s article on “Discord messages failed to load”, hope it was informative!

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