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6 Best discord bots | Which are the best and most popular Discord bots?

Best Discord bots

Every good Discord server includes bots. Here is the latest and most recent list of the best Discord bots.

Discord is a great VoIP platform because of its simple UI and many features. In addition, Discord also allows the use of custom bots, which brings more functionality to the platform.

The best Discord bots include those created for music management, server ratings, announcements, amendment notes, and much more.

Using the best Discord bots can also be important for server success.

To help you choose the right bot, we have compiled a list of the best Discord bots.

The followings are the best Discord bots:

1 MEE6 – All-Around Best Bot

MEE6 bot is a great solution for any Discord server. We recommend it to anyone who wants an accurate and easy-to-set bot. It is especially useful for regulators who control small communities.

It has rating features, response roles, alerts on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.

The notifications feature lets you create a notification system to notify you whenever a particular content creator starts streaming on Twitter or Twitter.

The response role feature is very useful. Allows server members to select their roles using the Discord response. This is a quick and easy way to manage roles.

There is also an option to create custom commands.

The advantage of MEE6 is the variety of customization options. However, it is also possible to omit MEE6 from its default settings, if you are not interested in making any changes.

For gaming communities, we recommend using the MEE6 server rating system. Gaming players, more than anyone else, like to gain XP, climb the ladder, and enjoy the new skills unlocked by those levels.

MEE6 can also act as a music bot to make it the best in the world.

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best Discord bots

2 Fred Boat – The Best Music Bot

The best bot is not always the one that can do everything. It is also good to have a few working on certain subjects. Fred Boat, for example, focuses on music and is currently a master at it.

Although it can play music from Spotify, it can play songs from YouTube (for now), Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and support Twitch Livestreams.

With proper instruction, music can be easily controlled. For a list of instructions, go to the website or mention Fred Boat on the server.

Another useful feature is the visual music player on their website. To use it, just like a song in Discord and the bot will respond immediately via the music player link.

Lastly, Fred Boat is a solid music boat option because it does not rely solely on YouTube. This means that even if Google decides to block the bot from using the YouTube platform, it will still be able to use Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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3 ProBot – Best Moderation Bot

This is another multi-purpose bot that is fully customizable, often used for server balance. Currently, on top.gg (Discord bot rating website), ProBot is a high-level rating bot. There is a good reason for that.

It has all the features you would expect from such a bot, including automated moderation, announcements, reception messages, reception images, rating systems like MEE6 and can play music.

The robot interface is also noteworthy. To be able to design your acceptable image, using the Embed system and the Automod system is more accurate than installing basic commands.

For larger communities, we recommend that you check the server/statistics analysis feature, which can be very useful in targeting multiple users. You can check the number of joining and outgoing members, the number of members, the number of messages, and much more.

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4 Epic RPG – The Best RPG Bot

This bot is different from those on this list. Epic RPG is dedicated exclusively to creating a text-based RPG (simulation game) on the Discord server.

These types of bots can be used to increase activity on a single server. Members can get together in pits, get loot, fight PVP, PVE, and more.

There is even the option to select a class, upgrade, add new skills/maths, etc. It’s almost like a full RPG.

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5 Hydra – Another Music Bot

If for any reason you do not want to use Fred Boat or if it is closed (as happened in Rhythm), another strong alternative is Hydra. Hydra does not support YouTube but supports links to Spotify playlists.

Hydra also comes with director instructions to use for measurement. There is an option to go to Premium, but we do not recommend it as additional features are probably not worth the cost. However, it is good to support these types of projects as most of them are completely free.

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6 Dank Member – The Best International Money System

This is a very important bot, it is ready to keep things fresh and emotional. Dank Memer is widely used to send random memes via text, photos, or videos.

There are a few games available on it like Jump 4, guess, rock paper scissors, tic tac toe, trivia, and more.

The defining feature of the Dank Memer bot is its global financial system. The view itself is not very different, but it is very well done. Users can use their balance to purchase items, upgrade their profiles, rob other users, install, solicit, and much more. This makes for a fun text channel.

This is it for today’s article on “best Discord bots”, hope it was helpful!

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