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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets and Recommendations for 2022


No house is finished without cabinets, even though it’s remodeled or newly built. People want their house to stand out and look unique, the best way they can do so is by installing unfinished kitchen cabinets. Now the question arises what unfinished kitchen cabinets are?

What are unfinished kitchen cabinets?

Unfinished kitchen cabinets mean cabinets – cabinets that are made from unfinished woods that haven’t been exposed to lacquer, stain, paint, or sealant.

Many people think unfinished kitchen cabinets are made of poor grade wood but the truth is here unfinished refer to the final part of the production process, shining and staining that is not yet completed. This can be a big advantage while buying kitchen cabinets because the manufacturer will not be able to hide the quality of wood by applying paints or other stuff. They will be able to see what they are paying for. so unfinished goods are made of the best quality wood than any other.

Advantages of unfinished Goods

In case you are remodeling your home or kitchen DIY, unfinished kitchen cabinets can save you a lot of money. And on top of that, you can customize your kitchen in the way you like. These things are easy to install so you can do it yourself which can be a bigger saving in terms of labor cost.

You can design them as per your choice either paint them, stain them or leave an unfinished look.

Unfinished kitchen cabinets are made of different types of wood and you get to choose from a wide range of varieties – mahogany, pine, hickory, maple, cherry, and oak are common. These woods are easy to stain or paint but each one has its pros and cons in terms of pricing and durability.

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It is difficult to match the wood type with the background or tiles. If you don’t know anything about DIY unfinished kitchen cabinets then it will be difficult for you to install or it may cost you a labor charge if you are not willing to do it yourself. It may not be affordable and it is not easy to maintain laminate unfinished kitchen cabinets.

1.  Fox hollow furnishing Aiden wall niche

Fox Hollow Furnishings 14x24 Aiden Wall Niche (Unfinished w/Beadboard Back)

This unfinished kitchen cabinet measures 14×24 in the wall and looks great in the kitchen outside or a hallway near a door. This unfinished kitchen cabinet is alternatively available with a plain backing and no door for beautiful open recessed shelving. Use this open in-the-wall cabinet in place of a recessed cabinet. And you can get 2 fixed recessed shelf that yields 3 spacious recessed storage cubbies.

These recessed wall shelves are handcrafted in North America from US-grown hardwoods, you can make this wall attractive and shiny with your own by finishing with your own choice of paint or stain. This wood wall niche is available in color variants like White, Dark Brown, and Unfinished, as well as in multiple sizes including 14×18, 14×24, and 14×36.

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets and Recommendations for 2022

2. Sauder Storage cabinet, highland oak finish

Sauder Storage Cabinet, Highland Oak Finish

This is an unfinished kitchen cabinet with an adjustable shelf. It has a highland oak finish with engineered wood construction.

Check out this new unfinished kitchen cabinet from the Sauder Select collection. This double door storage cabinet has the optimum amount of style. This gives practicality to any room in your home with a traditional look. This durable unfinished kitchen cabinet has four adjustable shelves. with a full-width upper shelf so you can stash books, notes, pantry items, and more. This beautiful unfinished kitchen cabinet is finished with high-quality pure Highland Oak and detailed with frame and panel doors and sides, this tall cabinet is optimum for the kitchen, utility room, or anywhere you need to store your stuff efficiently.

It’s worth than what you see. Sauder designers travel the world and bring back the best and latest in style. Finished and color trends will enhance your house’s beauty and you proud. This inspiring wood cabinet is evident in the cutting-edge and innovative furniture solutions that anyone wants to get it.

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets and Recommendations for 2022

3. Kate and Laurel Cate decorative farm cabinet

Kate and Laurel Cates Decorative Farmhouse Cabinet Wall Organizer with Sliding Barn Door and 3 Knobs, 18 x 8 x 20, Rustic Brown, Shabby-Chic...

Maintain a clean, organized home with this space-saving, shabby-chic wall organizer from Kate and Laurel. The organizers take inspiration from a rustic farmhouse look and barn door-inspired sliding door and colonial hanging knobs. This wall-hanging organizer takes inspiration from traditional vintage craftsmanship, constructed of wood and metal material. It’s made with a compact size that is 20 inches high 18 inches wide by 7.75 inches deep.

This unfinished kitchen cabinet is the perfect size for storing mail, clutches, etc. With its plentiful storage capabilities, you could even create a medicine cabinet, jewelry organizer, or spice rack. This compact wall organizer looks great in any farmhouse-inspired entryway, bathroom, kitchen, or living room. It also includes three colonial-inspired hanging knobs for keys, coats, and other items. Easy to Mount this unfinished kitchen cabinet in seconds with its easy-to-use keyhole hangers.

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets and Recommendations for 2022

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1. Can I turn my finished cabinets into unfinished cabinets?

Finished cabinets which are in good condition and made of wood you can turn them into unfinished kitchen cabinets. First, you to remove the paint with the help of sandpaper, then only you can get this kitchen cabinet look.

2. What are the materials and tools needed for unfinished kitchen cabinets?

You will need to stain or paint your unfinished kitchen cabinets to protect your wood from moisture and stains. At first, you may only need sandpaper and sealant to start with. If you plan on painting kitchen cabinets you’ll also need primer paint and painting materials for this.

3. How can I buy and install unfinished kitchen cabinets?

You can easily buy your favorite kitchen cabinets from home improvement stores or kitchen cabinet makers. Installation of these unfinished kitchen cabinets is difficult so you will need to hire someone to install these and this will cost you labor charges.


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