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A Story About Who I Am. How to Write an Interesting Essay About Yourself?

The peculiarity of an autobiographical essay is that the same person can have several descriptions of his life. And the life remains the same, and all the events that occurred in it are true. But, depending on the style, purpose, and conditions of writing, these works turn out to be quite different. As in any text, while preserving one plot is possible almost an infinite number of options for the development of the plot, where the narrative will be chronologically consistent or artistically distorted, logically correct, or creatively adapted. Autobiography for employment has little in common with self-presentation when applying to drama school. The only unifying factor between them is you, or rather, the actual events of your life. So let’s start by determining why and for what purpose you need to write about yourself.

When applying for a job, enrollment, or service. This is the shortest, most formal, and therefore the easiest option. To cope with it is not difficult and without special tips, the more so that in such cases, autobiography, as a rule, is written in the standard form, right down to the filling of the questionnaire. But even if you have a blank sheet of paper, you are required only to present in chronological order the basic information about the time and place of his birth, received an education, professional experience, and briefly – marital status. Formal autobiographies require no more than this. Formal autobiographies require no more than this. The exception is biographies of representatives of creative professions: journalists, copywriters, editors. There are more requirements in terms of vocabulary used and perhaps examples of work. But a portfolio is a separate task, and it too is formed according to its standards, independent from an autobiography.

If you are writing about yourself for the job, it is better to prepare a speech at home. You should remember the main milestones of your life. Remember an important rule – you must tell the story about yourself in a way that will be interesting for the employer, useful for him, and help him to understand why he is needed in the company. Getting a new job is an exciting time in everyone’s life. You probably ask your friends, “Can you edit my paper and tell me what’s worth fixing? What else should I write about myself? Which positive qualities do I have?” We recommend contacting professional writers. As they like no one else will help you in the best way possible. Your employer will notice your story among other candidates.

So, we’re done with the theoretical aspect of writing about yourself, and now it’s time to move on to practice. Because no one but you will write a biography about you, to reveal to readers all facets of your character and vibrant personality. Do not forget that the most difficult thing is to start, to overcome the resistance of a blank sheet of paper. And then word by word, the story will flow by itself if you allow yourself to be creative. Find such emancipation gradually, so start with a simple thing: write a formal autobiography first, then expand it with introductory phrases and artistic vocabulary, and then even better color it with beautiful images and literary devices. And each version of the following save separately, it will be useful to you inappropriate situations. Thus, you will get the blanks of several stories about yourself at once and will be able to use and refine them as necessary.

How do you write a story about yourself?


An essay or a story about yourself is a compulsory element of the school program in literature and English. The volume and content of the essay vary depending on the level of the student, but the general rules of writing remain the same. Writing an essay about yourself is simple.

Usually, the plan of the story about myself looks like this:

  • Name, age, place of study.
  • School, favorite subjects.
  • Best friends and activities together.
  • Family, parents’ occupations.
  • Appearance and character.
  • Hobbies and hobbies.
  • Dreams and plans for the future.

All parts of the essay are just examples of what you can write about. Depending on how long the essay is ultimately required, you can remove or add parts at will. To maintain the correct structure of the text and ensure maximum readability of the text, it is necessary to perform the division into paragraphs. Doing this correctly is simple – usually, the red line starts a new thought, the next semantic part of the narrative.

To diversify the essay, you can replace the trivial phrases about age and place of study with a small abstract introductory paragraph. The story about yourself can begin with the words of some famous person or writer about how difficult it is to talk about oneself, or with winged expressions that refer to the description of a person’s personality or character.

The main part should give information that relates directly to character and hobbies. You can also talk about your best friends and activities together. Dry descriptions of qualities are better replaced by descriptions of situations in which these qualities are manifested. You can also diversify the one-size-fits-all narrative with your insights about friendship, family, and community. Here, too, you can give some interesting quotes and comment on them in your own words.

A great conclusion would be a short story about your aspirations or dreams. It is important to write about what steps have already been taken on the way to the dream, and what plans to develop certain skills or character traits will help in achieving the intended goal. Such a conclusion focuses attention on the positive qualities of the person: his or her determination and willingness to overcome any difficulties.

The original conclusion may contain a description of a case from life, which attracted attention or is remembered for something. You don’t have to be a participant in the event to write about it. It is also possible to comment on what conclusion should be drawn from what you have seen or heard. If you have any difficulties, you can contact the best custom writing service to get help from professionals at any time. Writing an essay about yourself is easy – just make a proper plan, include all the necessary information, and show a little originality and creativity. In some cases, when appropriate, you can show creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and humor. For some positions, it’s not acceptable, you have to act according to the circumstances.

The first school essay about yourself is a great opportunity to reflect on the questions: Who am I? What am I like? What am I interested in? Why do I feel good? Why do I feel bad? What do I want? What do I strive for? What do I value? Who do I love? etc. There are many questions and everyone has his or her version of the answer. To ask questions and look for their answers, to learn to think and cognize yourself, first of all, to formulate and write down your thoughts is useful since childhood. Writing, in general, is a therapeutic activity. With its help, it is possible to strengthen one’s positive emotions, while negative emotions and unpleasant feelings can be controlled similarly.