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How to Smoke Meat | Effective Tips, Basics to Advance Level

Smoking meat-

Want to try out Smoked Meat made at home? Then you are at the right place, we have got all the information that you need to know for smoking meat at home by yourself. Sit tight and follow our lead to know more about smoking meat.

Smoking Meat


Smoking has become a timeless art form of cooking, the whole idea of smoking food for its flavor is ages-old but it can never get older enough to fade away. Smoked meat has the best flavor rather be it any type of meat.


What is Smoked meat?

Smoking is the most delightful, delicious, and most ancient way of cooking meat. It adds flavor and preserves. This is one of the oldest ways of cooking meat, meat can be smoked using hardwood or wood pellets. The smoke adds phenols and other many chemicals which have an antimicrobial effect on the meat we are cooking.

Types of smoking meat

There are two types of cooking meat:

1. Cold Smoking: Meat is cooked at about 60-120°F, away from the heat source. This is done to preserve and flavor meat. Cold smoking does not cook the meat.

2. Hot Smoking: Also known as barbecue, it is hot enough to slowly cook the meat through. The temperature is about 200–300°F. You can add flavors by imparting smoky flavored compounds onto the surface of the meat.

Types of smokers-

There are many types of smokers you can use for a barbecue party at our home some of which are given below:

  • WOODEN SMOKERS: This is the purest and the oldest way to cook food but it asks for a lot of attention and care while you are cooking. It is difficult to maintain a constant temperature in the wooden smoker, please do learn the basics then only go for the wooden smoker.
  • CHARCOAL SMOKERS: Using a charcoal smoker is a better decision when doing a barbecue as charcoal adds a more intense and strong flavor to the food. But there is only one thing that you need to maintain the fire in the smoker.
  • ELECTRIC SMOKERS: By its name, you can easily say it uses electricity to cook food. It is the easiest way for doing a barbecue as it does not require that much attention like other smokers. In addition to all this, they are also supposed to be the most expensive smoker. Another disadvantage is that it does not impart much flavor to the food.


Meat you can smoke-

Thinking of which variety of meat to cook, We have got your back. As smoking is a very slow process do you need a type of meat that does not dry out during this long process of cooking, and the collagen melts in tender gelatin. Your first choice should be:

  1. BEEF BRISKET: Brisket has muscles that a steer uses frequently, Over a long time of 12-hour cooking, the fat will become rendered and connective tissue will break down which will make the brisket an optimal choice for extended smoking.
  2. PORK BUTT: Pork Butt is also known as BOSTON BUTT, it is the upper portion of a pig’s front shoulder. It is extremely fatty, the meat has a lot of connective tissue that is needed to break down through the whole process of slow cooking.


BRINING: Brining will keep the meat from drying out during the long smoking process. (BRINE: solution of water and salt) Salt in the brine solution will make the proteins in the meat more water-absorbent and When sodium and chloride ions get inside of the meat tissue, their electrical charges will mess with the proteins especially myosin. Soak your meat in a brine for about 10-12 hours before cooking it. It benefits when we add herbs and spices to it. Adding brine can make the meat extra salty you can use sugar and molasses to lessen the salty flavor.


How would you know the Wood Burning Properly while smoking meat?

Wood Barbecue is the best and the finest, the smoke after it fully combusts can catch flame at a temperature up to an excess of 600°F.

When you are cooking, you will reach an optimum stage where most of the smoke will become water vapor leaving behind the traces syringol and guaiacol. (gives barbecue its flavor and aroma). Further, there are four different stages of burning wood:

1. Dehydration: Around 500°F, water evaporates.

2. Gasification and pyrolysis: Between 500°F and 700°F, cooking begins and the compounds in wood break down into tar, liquid, and then gas.

3. Burning Bush: Between 700°F and 1,000°F, flames can be seen, and combustion produces carbon dioxide, heat, water vapor, and ashes. In addition to this, at this stage, aromatic compounds are released.

4. Char burning: The charcoal burns with a little flame to no flame and smoke.

Wood fire


How to smoke meat?

Things you need before we start BARBECUING!!!

  2. WOOD (may or may not be required)
  3. Smokebox
  4. Water Pan
  5. Drip pans
  6. Spray bottles


  • Add smoker with charcoal and check your gas bottles or plug in the power (depends on which type of BBQ smoker you use).
  • Light your smoker and open the air vents. Let the smoker get heated up for a minimum of 20 minutes, but should not get hotter than 130°C.
  • Put the wood in the smoker once the required temperature has been reached. You can wrap some wood chips in foil and make small holes then place them close to where the meat is placed if the smoker is gas.
  • Place the meat on the grill, close the lid and keep on peeking during the smoking process, you will lose heat and smoke every time you do it. Don’t open the lid for a minimum of 1½ -2 hours and not more than hourly.
  • Smoke meat for 1-1½ hours for 500g of meat, and stir it in every couple of hours. Do not forget to brush on some more marinades before your turn-in.


Your meal is ready to serve Sit back and enjoy with your friends and family!!



Additional Tip: Checking if your smoking Meat is Cooked

You need to check the internal temperature of the Smoker to know if the meat is fully cooked, You can use a meat thermometer for this. Depending on the meat type you are cooking :

  • brisket – 185°F,
  • beef ribs -175°F,
  • and pork butt -180°F

Also, check the temperature during periodic stirring.

I hope this helped you, if there are any improvements required please let us know in the comments.


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