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All interesting facts about Avani Gregg | how old is Avani Gregg | Early life | Career | Achievements

how old is Avani Gregg

Avani Gregg is the American Tik Tok star and social media personality. She is the recipient of the Crown Muser at Tik Tok and holds the Style guru badge. Avani won the Shorty Award for Tik Toker of the Year in 2020.

She is also a talented makeup artist and level 10 gymnast. Her Instagram account is (Avani) and has 8.6m followers. She is an upcoming actress. Scroll down for more information about her full biography, boyfriend, total amount, how old is Avani Gregg, wiki, news, job, fans, salary and much more.

how old is Avani Gregg

The Early Life of Avani Gregg

Avani Gregg was born November 23, 2002, in Brownsburg, Indiana, USA. She holds American citizenship and is of mixed race. Her birthmark is Sagittarius. She was born to an Afro-American father named Lewis Gregg who worked as a Business Manager and an Indian mother Anisha Gregg who worked as a regional consultant for a pharmaceutical company.

She has an older sister named Shanti Gregg who is an Instagram star and a younger sister named Priya Gregg. Growing up with her two sisters in her hometown of Brownsburg in Indiana, USA, she attended Brownsburg High School and is expected to graduate from high school in 2021.

She was a student of InterActive Academy Inc, a Gymnastics club. in Indiana but had to stop due to a back injury. She is a follower of Interfaith: part of Christianity and part of Hinduism.

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The career of Avani Gregg

  • Avani began her career by appearing on social media.
  • She was about 14 years old and a schoolboy when she first found her audience on social media.
  • When she was in high school, she started making short videos of Musical.ly in 2017. Musical.ly merged with Tik Tok in August 2018.
  • She then opened her own Tik Tok account called Avani and began posting and uploading short videos. Her short videos include comedy, dance, challenge, transformation, and other types of videos.
  • Her hotspot and widely distributed videos include Lying Lips and Dance Videos on popular songs such as XXX Tentacion’s “Off the Wall”, “In the Party”, “Say So” and many more.
  • She also collaborated with the famous Youtuber and makeup artist James Charles and Tik Tok star Addison Rae.
  • With her continued effort and creative approach to making short videos, she was able to attract many fans to her Tik Tok account.
  • Prior to joining TikTok and the social media platform, Avani had begun her career as a gymnast and trained as a level 10 gymnast.
  • But she ended her career as a fitness coach after suffering a back injury. She also does Simple exercise skills on her Tik Tok account.
  • She recently gained more popularity in the Tik Tok area due to her creative and amazing style of makeup. February 2020,
  • Her appearance as Clown was so amazing and realistic that her style of grooming was similar to that of many TikTok users and she was able to add millions of fans to her TikTok account within a week.
  • She also received the title “Clown Girl” from many Tik Tok users.
  • The beauty pro has great plans for her creative and amazing makeup skills.
  • In one of her interviews, she revealed that she wants to do makeup artist Billie Eilish one day.
  • As of May 2020, Avani has a further 18.8 million followers and 1.1 billion likes.

The Hype House

  • Avani is also a member of “The Hype House” but is not a full-time member of the Hype House.
  • Hype House is the name of a collection of TikTok content creators based in Los Angeles, as well as the name of a Spanish-style mansion where the founder of these creators lives.
  • The collection was created in December 2019 and includes almost all of Gen Z’s rising or established social media platforms.
  • Avani appeared in a television series called Chicken Girls in 2020. She has played in the series since its 6th season and features the role of “Gemma”, a key captain and captain of the Attaway High’s cheer team.

Achievements and awards

Avani has won the T20 Tik Toker of the Year Award for 2020. Shorty Awards, also known as “Shortys”, are annual awards that recognize people and organizations that produce short-form content in real-time across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and the entire social networking Web. She is also the recipient of the Crown Muser at Tik Tok and holds the Style guru badge.

“Avani Gregg Official Tik Tok Account Lost”

Avani Gregg’s official Tik Tok account was found missing Wednesday morning, April 29, 2020. Gregg mentioned the situation in a post on her second TikTok account, @lilpapiclowngirl, with 1.6 million followers. “I don’t know what’s going on with my big account,” she said in a video posted Wednesday morning.

“I really don’t know what I did wrong.” Representative Gregg told Insider that the promoter began seeing the matter on Tuesday night. The account, which previously had more than 17 million followers, has been unconscious since Wednesday afternoon. It’s back from Wednesday evening.

how old is Avani Gregg

Avani Gregg is a single girl. Since 2022, she has only reached the age of 19 and is too young to marry. However, the makeup artist is in love with Anthony Reeves. Anthony Reeves, also known as “luvanthony” is also a famous American star Tok Tok and a member of “Sway House” while Avani is a member of “Hype House”.

The two first met in November 2019 and started dating. However, Avani did not confirm the relationship until January 3, 2020. The couple also shared New Year’s kisses and TikTok posted on Avani’s page on January 2. They were seen clapping pictures together on beaches, swimming pools, and on boats.

In fact, the two of them are deeply in love and enjoy each other’s company. Since the end of March, Avani Gregg has been in solitary confinement and kept away from her boyfriend due to the ongoing epidemic worldwide.

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