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How Old Is Asmongold- Life, Family, Career, Social Media, Twitter, Youtube, Relationship, Education

YouTube has granted a lot of people a successful and exciting career. It has paved the path of fame and popularity for a lot of people. YouTube has become somewhat of a basic app that is required and managed by everyone from minute to maxim needs. There are a lot of chores that we perform every day.

Now no one is born an expert in everything. Now and then we learn new things or revise old things with help of new technology, like games, cooking, etc. For learning or revising we need YouTube. From sewing to learning tricks on new video games we depend on YouTube. Now among these learning, few things become craze and addiction.

For example, in games, many people have different styles and perspectives towards a particular game. Many people daily sign themselves in towards different types of games and later on, those games become their passion and addiction.

So, they take the help of the web to improve. Now if to be seen there are thousands of channels on YouTube that do online game streaming and teach new trips and tricks. But one channel that stands out is “Asmongold”.

It is a YouTube channel known for playing World of Warcraft.  He has many subscribers and has reached a new level of success through his gaming skills. But not only on YouTube he also streams his video gaming skills on twitch. Further, we will know about how old is Asmongold, about his personal life, and his journey.

Who is Asmongold?

Asmongold is known as a YouTuber who is primarily known for playing World of Warcraft. He is also a co-founder of an online content creator group called One True King.  He is not only known for playing World of Warcraft but also Final Fantasy XIV.  We will further know about him, how old are Asmongold and many more things about him.

how old is Asmongold

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Asmongold’s real name, date of birth, and how old are Asmongold?

Asmongold’s real name is Zack. Nothing is known about his title. His date of birth is 2 0 April 1 9 9 0. Right now his age is 3 0. Now we know how old is Asmongold.


Nationality, Ethnicity, Place of birth, zodiac sign, religion

Asmongold or Zack’s nationality is American.  Nothing is known of his ethnicity yet. His hometown is Austin, Texas.  He stays there with his mother. Asmongold is a family-oriented man and loves his mother. His zodiac sign is Taurus. Religiously he is Christian.


Asmongold family and relationship

Nothing is known about Asmongold’s parent’s name but his father worked at the IRS. His mother is a housewife and very supportive of her son. Zack or Asmongold left his college studies and took care of his ill mother and came to live with his parents.

Asmongold is in a relationship with his fellow twitch streamer named Izzy, whose name is Pink Sparkles. They broke up in 2 0 1 9 due to some unknown personal reason.

how old is Asmongold


Physical appearance and body stats

His height is approx. 6 feet. His hair color is brown and his eyes are black. His weight is 5 7 kgs or 1 2 7 lbs. A shoe that fits him is 8.5 in US size.


Asmongold has a business degree and he has completed his degree after a lot of struggle. His college and school name is unknown at the moment.

Asmongold Early life

Zack was a funny and joyous kid.  He was a prankster since he was a child. He used to switch off his classmate’s computer and the classmates used to do the same to Zack. He needed a job so he lied in his resume.

Zack is also an animal lover and he has a pet cat. While studying in college his mother fell sick due to which he had to drop of college in 2 0 1 4 and take care of his mother. Later on, he returned to his business school and completed his degree.

Asmongold career

He streamed his first YouTube video in 2 0 1 3. He started his channel in 2 0 1 3 and still, he has a channel with 9 1 4 K subscribers. He also used to stream his videos on twitcher. He also had an association with Blizzard’s drama.

In 2 0 2 1 he quit twitcher. He also co-founded an online organization for content creators named One True King. He total has 3 channels of himself which get millions and millions of views. He is known to play World of Warcraft and he also plays Diablo 3 at the request of his followers.

how old is Asmongold

Achievement and Awards

He has got a YouTube play button for his channels and has extremely done well with his channels.

Asmongold social media presence

He is present on Instagram with 68.1 K followers. He has a Twitter account with 597.9 K followers. He generally has many followers but on YouTube, he has millions of subscribers collectively in his three channels.

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Asmongold net worth

Nothing is sure about his net worth but it is estimated to be 3 million USD. Among which he gets a hefty amount from Twitcher and YouTube.

This was all about Asmongold or Zack, about his life, biodata, and family. He is an emotional and sensitive man. He is extremely family-oriented and loves his family. We knew how old Asmongold or Zack is, his other interests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Asmongold’s real name?

Zack is Asmongold’s real name.

Who is Asmongold in a relationship with?

He is single right now.

What degree does Asmongold have?

Asmongold has a degree in business studies.

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How Old Is Asmongold- Life, Family, Career, Social Media, Twitter, Youtube, Relationship, Education
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