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Valerie Bertinelli FINALLY REVEALED Eddie Van Halen’s Deathbed Moment: ‘I Loved His Soul’

The passing of Eddie Van Halen on October 6th, 2020, was a shock to all rock stars across the planet. But in an excerpt from her new memoir “Enough Already: Learning to Love The Way I Am Today,” Valerie Bertinelli describes their final visit together before he passed away which left fans wondering what could have been having her not remarried after his death?

The extract in this week’s People is a letter from the late Bertinelli, 61. She writes about how she loved her first husband more than anything and regrets not being able to spend enough time with him before passing away at age 34-years old: “I can’t explain it but just knowing that you were there made my life worth living.”

The two were married in 1981 and welcomed their son, Wolfgang a year later. They divorced when Ed took up with Valerie Bertinelli (of “Three’s Company ’80s sitcom fame) but through the ups-and-downs of it all; she always considered Van Halen her “true soulmate.”

An interview about this book on ABC Radio Networks’ The Black Woman’s Guide to Everything, podcast says: “We had such bad press for so long…the public perception was I’m just some dumb bimbo — we’re like complete mismatch!”

Valerie Bertinelli FINALLY REVEALED Eddie Van Halen’s Deathbed Moment
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As cancer spread and his situation deteriorated, Eddie’s ex-wife Bertinelli describes in her book how he came back to get closer with their daughter. At Thanksgiving of 2019, she was visited by Van Halen who handed over the gold bar that they had bought while getting treatment for his illness overseas before going into detail about its significance as well as sharing more than just words on what this moment meant between them both; “It took courage because there are no small gestures when you’re fighting a terminal disease.”

“I hope you don’t think it’s weird, that I bought my ex-wife this gift and didn’t get your wife anything,” he said tearfully. “But just know how much she means to me.”

“Bertinelli writes that Van Halen wanted his estranged wife (with whom he shared custody of their children) not only for him but also as a way for them both involved in the marriage troubles with each other–she’d apologize too if they had contributed at all towards things going wrong between them when they were still together.”

In his final days, Eddie was surrounded by family and friends who loved him very much. Every day he spent in the hospital with Bertinelli by his side — along with other guests including Alex Van Halen’s second wife Janie Liszewski as well as Wolfang—-he would say “I love you” when they left each night before going home to sleep through another morning until it became clear what needed do be done next.”

Valerie Bertinelli FINALLY REVEALED Eddie Van Halen’s Deathbed Moment
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They say that love is a beautiful feeling, and in the case of Ed Bertinelli and his wife Corrine, it’s proven to be true. The two have been married for over 25 years with one son whom they created a together-a child who will carry on their legacy as well “There are no greater bonds than what we had between us,” said Mr…

A quote from an article about how great this family has done speaks volumes: ‘The greatest thing couples can do when faced with tough times like losing someone close or becoming separated is to stay connected.’

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