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Pam & Tommy Trailer: Lily James as Pamela Anderson Hit on Internet, Know the Secret Details and Updates

Lily James is set to be one of the TV highlights in 2022 as she transforms into Pamela Anderson for the new series Pam & Tommy. The actress has released an all-new trailer, along with some first-look images that are sure to capture your attention!

Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee were tabloid celebrities in the 90s. They seemed to enjoy their life as they knew it would end when Pam filed for divorce from her husband, Rick Salomon (Jeremy Howard), after five years of marriage with him.

Pam & Tommy Trailer

In an interview given by Jeremy Howard last year where he talked about his ex-wife’s attraction towards Fifty Shades Of Grey actor Jamie Foxx while dating Pam Anderson on set during filming events that took place back then; one can’t help but notice how much happier she seemed post-“split”.

Anderson’s career as a model and author has been eventful, to say the least. In one photo (above), she appears to be reading from her book while wearing an iconic Baywatch swimsuit in another picture below; we can’t help but wonder what inspired this choice of wardrobe for such a formal occasion?

The fourth new image shows Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman appearing as Rand Gauthier, a pair of porn industry workers who were involved in leaking and distributing the infamous sex tape between their titular couple.

The new trailer for this series has been released, providing more information on what you can expect from the eight-part program. Check it out below!]

In the mid-’90s, Pam and Tommy were planning their wedding day when they discovered that an unknown person or persons stole all of the footage from them filmed during intimate moments. Nowadays with virtual reality technology at our fingertips, this period will be explored more closely than ever before in a new Hulu drama set to air exclusively on Disney Plus!

Pam & Tommy Trailer

“It’s great to be blonde,” says Pamela Anderson. “With low expectations, it’s very easy to surprise people.” In her Snap, the actress poses with an orange background and a pair of glasses that looks straight from Chewbacca’s closet—only fuzzier around the edges than Han Solo would like his weapon shop shelves before he shoots first!

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