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Square Enix President is Investing in NFTs, and Blockchain Games for Metaverse

Square Enix is a major publisher, and blockchain technology has been getting some serious attention lately. The company’s president says in his New Year’s letter that decentralized games will be their focus for the next few years; he didn’t name any specific titles but did hint at how they might incorporate distributed ledger tech into future releases.

A Japanese gaming giant called Square Enix had some interesting news when it came out President Yosuke Matsuda published an article earlier today explaining why we’re going to see more great things happen with regards to digital interactive content – especially those involving cryptocurrency as well its underlying infrastructure which includes Blockchain Technology!

Square Enix President is Investing in NFT
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Gamers who want to contribute their content and earn rewards for it should be able to do so through blockchain games, according to a suggestion from one gaming expert. The company’s leadership understood that many people would have doubts about this idea but still believed there was at least some interest in “playing-to contribute.” He explained how gamers could potentially enjoy building items as well because they might get special items or coins if doing so provides incentives which then allows them more opportunities when playing normally too!

Matsuda didn’t announce plans for NFTs in Square Enix games, but he expected them to become mainstream over time and believed that “overheated trading” would cool down. Don’t be shocked if you can buy these tokens at some point!

Square Enix took note of trends in the market and developed accordingly. The president was optimistic, but he suggested his firm might issue their tokens as well to see if it would work out better for them than other companies who have struggled with early NFT sales for games like Ubisoft has done so far- even though Final Fantasy is a popular series among many gamers

The article goes on to say “It remains unclear how successful these initial coin offerings (ICOs) will be because there are still questions surrounding this new form.”


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