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Daiso Finally Opens Doors to 1st Nevada Store, All of Your Benifits.

Christen Tranate is so excited about the impending opening of Daiso that she barely slept Tuesday night. And on Wednesday morning, Las Vegas resident Christin got up at 6 am to prep for her big day- before work started! We hope you enjoy reading more stories from our network – subscribe today if this sounds like something interesting or fun in your life 🙂

Christen Tranate couldn’t sleep Tuesday night, and she was first in line at 6 am on Wednesday for Daiso’s 10-a.m grand opening!

“We’ve been wanting a Daiso here in Las Vegas for years now, so that’s why we’re here,” Tranate said, wearing a Hello Kitty face mask. “We wanted to say we’re the first ones in. We agreed, we’re putting out foot (in) at the same time.”

Tranent and her friend, the first customers inside at the opening of a brand new store in Arroyo Market Square leading line that wrapped around Plaza and onto Badura Avenue behind it.

Tranent and her friend showed up at the store’s opening to be among its first customers. They succeeded in leading an excited line that wrapped around Arroyo Market Square, onto Badura Avenue behind Plaza Southwest Valley Shopping Center

The Daiso store in Nevada will be the first of its kind, with plans for two more locations set to open by 2022. The Japanese retail giant is known as “a dollar store that sells anything and everything” but this particular location specializes exclusively on goods imported straight from Japan!

Daiso Finally Opens Doors to 1st Nevada Store, All of Your Benifits.
Las Vegas Review-Journal

I found a whole store full of cute, Japanese-style items. They had everything from household supplies to food! I briefly browsed the kitchenware aisle before heading off in search for something more interesting like notebooks with pictures drawn on them or stationary gifts that look like hamburgers when you erase something wrong – my favorite so far has been an eraser shaped like Texas because it’s where all Americans belong hahaha get it? Anyway, these stores are great if you’re looking around town and your mom never lets us go into Target anymore (she says they sell cursed things). If not then check this place out

The customers were excited to be among the first in Nevada. Many who had visited other locations, including California and New York for example brought friends with them so that everyone could experience this store’s opening day excitement!

“I know about Daiso because it’s very popular in social media and very common in California,” Las Vegas resident Kayla Smith said. “I’ve been wanting one to open for a long time.”

The first 100 customers who purchase a minimum of $30 will receive an awesome goodie bag on Dec 29 and 30! Plus, everyone buying at least 50 dollars worth of merchandise gets this super-soft 15-inch plush toy as their prize. promotions were happening all day long so make sure you stop in soon before they run out!!

Daiso, a Japanese discount store with nearly 6k locations across Japan and worldwide is relying on its popularity to continue in America. The company will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next year which makes it even more important that they expand into new markets like ours

“I’m pretty sure our customers like our products,” Geshi said. “Not only today, please come back every week or every day. We always have new products.”

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