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Instagram Daddy: Anthony Varrecchia Lifestyle, Career, Age Nationality, Ethnicity, Body Stat, Networth, Salary, Religion, Followers

Fitness is important in any age group, but it is said that all goes downhill after 4 0. Well, that is not completely true and the downhill road after 4 0 is just a mere laugh for some people. Now among these, some people comes a man, who looks charming as ever and with a beautiful body and ravishing looks. This man is Anthony Verrecchia.

Anthony Varrecchia
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Who is Anthony Varrecchia?

He is a self-proclaimed model and social media personality. Being a social media personality suggests that he is extremely active on social media, giving every update of his life on the web.

Not only social media but he is also going to step into old fashioned business. Anthony Varrecchia is not only a fitness freak but also an avid animal lover. He does not do parenting but is into paw-renting.

He has two pet dogs named Golda and Tahnee. Both of them are miniature schnauzers, Tahnee being a puppy and recently added to the family and Golda being the elder sister. He likes to keep his life private despite being on social media, which is an impeccable balance maintained by him.

He is known for his unique fashion style and exceptional hair shape. Though having exceptional hair isn’t to be shocked because it’s normal to have such majestic hair and beard if your partner is an exceptional hairstylist.

Stay tuned with this blog to know more about this exceptional person with an amazing body and a fashion sense that makes a statement.

Anthony Varrecchia


Anthony Varrecchia has an amazingly carved body and looks fit. He has a sensational and extremely fit body. He not only has an amazing body but gives inspiration to many people to take care of their bodies and be fit.

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Anthony Varrecchia Age, nationality, ethnicity, and zodiac sign

Anthony Varrecchia was born on 24 March 1963, in Staten Island New York. He is 57 years old, yet is fit and has an extremely charming personality. He holds American nationality. He has mixed ethnicity. By birth he is a Caucasian, hence explains perfectly tanned body. His birth sign is Aries.

Anthony Varrecchia

Anthony Varrecchia Body Stature

Anthony Varrecchia weighs 57 kg or 127 lbs and is 5 ft 11 inches in height. His body stats are approx. 46 – 33 – 35.  His biceps measure approx. 29 inches. His eye color is dark brown and his hair is blonde. But as age acts on every other human. He has grey hair but sports even that hair with utmost hotness. He has a great athletic physique, defined jawline, and perfectly trimmed beard.  10 (US) size shoe fits him.

Anthony Varrecchia

Anthony Varrechia lifestyle and religion

Anthony Varrechia is a model and has an elegant lifestyle. He is also stepping into the business of men’s products. He leads a great and luxurious lifestyle. He has not disclosed anything about his cars, house, or any other assets but it is evident from his social media account that he indeed leads a luxurious life.  He is a Christian.

Anthony Varrecchia

Anthony Varrecchia Net worth and Salary

Model, Instagram influencer, and now an entrepreneur, Anthony Verrecchia have his hands full with his varied career.

Over these years he has made some extravagant fortune out of his modeling. His fortune is estimated to be from $ 1 million to $ 4 million. Though his fortune is estimated, Anthony Varrechia himself hasn’t confirmed anything yet as to be like to keep his personal life a bit private.

Anthony Varrecchia Relationship and sexuality

Anthony Varrecchia prefers keeping his love life quite private. He is homosexual, which means he is gay. He came out as gay when he was 3 0 years old in 2 0 0 2. He dated another man Mathew.

After a few months of dating, they exchanged rings. But unfortunately, at that time, homosexual marriages were illegal, so they stayed with each other until 2 0 0 8 when gay marriages were made legal in America. But unfortunately just after a few weeks of getting married Anthony Varrechia lost his husband in a car accident.

They struggled a lot to get married before gay marriages were made legal to stay together as spouses. After the loss of his dear husband, he broke down and thought that he would never find love again but God has another plan.

He again met love, Mr. Frazer Mark, who is professionally a hairstylist. His studio is based in Washington DC. They are currently dating each other, and mark is quite often seen giving appearances on Anthony Varrecchia’s social media.

Anthony Varrecchia

Anthony Varrecchia Followers and critic

He is a social media celebrity, it is evident that he has a huge number of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and many fan pages.on Instagram, he has as of now 190 K followers and 6732 followers on Twitter.

Anthony Varrecchia

Anthony Varrecchia Instagram post


Nicknamed Instagram daddy has recently launched his own life of men’s product. These products have beard oils, balms, and hair care products.


He has been into fitness for about 28 years. He is a very enthusiastic fitness freak, which explains his perfect carved body and fit body stature. He being 57 years old still has enthusiasm for much greater prospects in life and continuously finds new things to do.

Anthony Varrecchia


He besides being famous on social media and being a model also endorses several brands. His tattoos and perfect figure make him ideal for manly endorsements. He makes quite a good fortune out of this.


Anthony Varrecchia


Despite being on social media Anthony Varrecchia likes to keep his personal life quite personal. He is followed by many people and by seeing the following list it can be said that he does inspire a lot of people at 40 or above to look after their bodies and spread more and more self-love even if people think everything goes downhill.

Anthony Varrecchia has proved that age is just a number. He has shown that no matter what your age is you should keep doing whatever you like to do, till it gives you happiness.

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