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Fire Cause Restaurant Near Mountain Home, Ark. Know About Damage

After a fire Wednesday morning, Fred’s Fish House was less than perfect. The Gamaliel Fire Protection District battled the flames to protect this popular restaurant near Mountain Home; after all, it is their job!

“The whole building will be closed for an indeterminate amount of time,” said Earl Kenoyer with Central Arkansas contractors who are managing reconstruction efforts on behalf of owner Derwood Daugherty Jr., whose family owns and operates Fred’s.”

The fire that destroyed a popular fish restaurant near Mountain Home, Arkansas this Wednesday morning was subdued by the Gamaliel Fire Protection District. Fred’s Fish House on State Highway 101 had been completely gutted and firefighters were able to save only one cash register from its ashes as well as an oven full of food which will now go unused due to entirely disastrously cooked meals for everyone involved in fighting against such peril!

Fire Cause Restaurant Near Mountain Home,

A fire has caused severe damage to Fred’s Fish House in Mountain Home. The restaurant, located off Highway 62 and just opened last year for business was fully engulfed when the firefighters arrived on the scene early this morning. More details about what happened will be released as they become available but it does not appear that there were any injuries sustained during or after evacuation from our newly hired chef’s kitchen area where several staff members were cooking at the time of the incident.”

Located in the beautiful Ozarks, The Fred’s Fish House is a family-friendly restaurant that overlooks Lake Norfork. With enough seating for everyone and an amazing view of this lake from their outdoor patio, it’s no wonder why they are so popular!

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