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COPS LEAKED Kobe Bryant’s Crash Photos FOR MONEY

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the widow of Kobe Bryant is seeking damages for wrongful death and negligence. She has accused personnel from both law enforcement agencies as well as firefighters who responded to this helicopter crash near Los Angeles in 2020 which left 18 people dead or injured with some still missing at the time when they died due to their injuries being severe enough that it was deemed “grossly negligent”. The pictures sent 28 devices were among those captured within reports filed last year according to the legal team representing Vanessa following recent filings just days ago on May 24th, 2021..

Vanessa Bryant is filing a lawsuit against the county and some agencies connected to it, claiming that they were responsible for what happened in court. The widow of Kobe Bryant claims she’s distressed from an emotional side because pictures showed up all over social media networks after his death. On one hand though; officials say there was no need for this concern since everything has been resolved between ourselves along with other involved parties including lawyers who work mostly alone without any supervision or oversight whatsoever – which may be why things got out of control as well.

COPS LEAKED Kobe Bryant’s Crash Photos FOR MONEY
A National Transportation Safety Board investigator on Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, examines the crash site where a helicopter went down killing all 9 people on board, including NBA star Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna. (Courtesy of NTSB)

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Kobe Bryant is filing a lawsuit against those who she believes are responsible for leaking photos from the investigation of their deaths. Vanessa claims that these leaks have caused her great emotional distress and harm to her reputation as well- which legally should make them liable in this case too! The district attorney’s office says they’ve worked together with law enforcement agencies involved during investigations like these before – but only when there was substance behind it all: This time around though? Not so much…

The pictures from the lawsuit are terrible and have caused quite a stir in Los Angeles. The county filed a motion to dismiss, but now we’ll get our day on 27th December!

Many people have given descriptions of the pictures that are so graphic they’re impossible to un-see. The lawsuit was filed to respond with an answer back in November when Los Angeles County made their motion asking us all just a couple of things: 1) To dismiss this case 2), granting them judgment as well 3). Schedule a hearing date early next year!

The lawyer for the county, Louis Miller has mentioned that they feel sympathy towards Vanessa Bryant’s loss but also say there isn’t anything wrong with what happened.

The lawyer for the county, Louis Miller mentioned in her statement that they have shown sympathy towards Vanessa Bryant’s loss but also said there is nothing wrong with what happened.

The LA County emergency department staff took great care to keep those involved in the accident away from media attention. They organized a no-fly zone over this particular site and did their best not to share any photos or information regarding the investigation publicly, even though they were sued for it!

Kobe Bryant’s Crash Photos
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The LA County workers did their job and kept people away from the site. They also confirmed that no photos were shared publicly as part of any investigation, so this lawsuit is kind of meaningless

I was just reading an article about how there’s currently a lawsuit against them because someone took some pictures while they worked at one scene during Another One Night In Hollywood.

The employees of the Los Angeles Fire Department are being accused by their employer of leaking confidential information. The legal team representing Venessa Bryant, Chairperson and CEO wrote an objection to how photographs were taken without any cause or investigation into who may have done it.”

“In addition,” continues this statement made by District 5 Attorney StephenVariable “their submission includes statements from workers agreeing that they leaked those pictures around town because we all know what happens when something gets out–people want doors closed fast!”

The County’s statement mentioning that there was no reasonable cause for investigation into the photographs being shared internally has resulted in public misunderstandings. The lawyer for Venessa Bryant objects to this, submitting evidence from workers who claim they were only sharing photos within their departments – not doing anything wrong by receiving them or disseminating these images externally as well!

The Fire Department of Los Angeles did maintain an evidence log after thoroughly examining phones belonging to those involved but it appears nothing illegal took place here anyway since all parties maintained proper decorum during proceedings…

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