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Jill Biden Reveals Her First White House Christmas Decorations, Honors COVID-19 Frontline Workers

The annual White House Christmas decoration reveal is a time of year when the first lady trusses up her home’s hallways with famous blood-red trees, which have become quite controversial under President Trump. Last year Mrs. Trump was caught on a secret recording asking “Who gives two shits about Christmas stuff or decorations? They never fucking see them! It’s all one big fat lie anyways.”

The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden has opted for a less Scrooge-can route this year and will be focusing her attention on celebrating “Gifts From The Heart,” which is 2021’s official theme during holiday time.

In a time of global tension, Joe Biden has been inspired by the people he’s met while campaigning for his wife. In an interview with The Associated Press, she said “The things we hold sacred unite us and transcend distance: faith in each other as family members or friends; love between spouses–the kind that doesn’t just grow stronger over years together but thrives under pressure because it’s not about what will happen tomorrow when you have your own life again”. These ideas reminded him of how important it is to cherish these gifts from our hearts- which leads to my next point…

The White House is a gingerbread house with other businesses, like grocery stores and gas stations. A reporter from The Daily Mail attended the press tour of this past Christmas season where she showed off photos of First Families on stockings above fireplaces with names for future Biden grandchildren to enjoy!

Jill Biden Reveals Her First White House Christmas Decorations
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A presidential winter wonderland was created for the holidays with over 6,000 feet of ribbon and 10 thousand ornaments. The decorations were made possible by more than 100 volunteers who turned President Jackson’s Executive Mansion into an enchanting place this Christmas Eve!

The volunteers at the White House used more than 100 hours of their time to decorate for winter. They turned an already beautiful house into one that is truly breathtaking with 6,000 feet worth of ornaments and 10 thousand yards long ribbons is strewn about in every corner imaginable!

A second-grade class from Walford, Maryland helped show off their work in a reveal on Monday morning when Vice President Biden planned to read Don’t Forget God Bless Our Troops by military wife Laurelai. The pandemic has nixed public tours of the White House which means fewer visitocan to see what’s been done with time restrictions for those who have come out this year so far but it is still worth celebrating these childrens’ creativity!

Despite Melania Trump’s apparent hatred of tinsel and wreaths, the Trumps plan to unveil their own Christmas decorations on Dec. 3rd in a Naples FL fundraiser for $10K per person which allows access into the party with “one photo taken by an iPhone X Santa selfies edition” according to too event website

Despite Melania Trump’s apparent hatred of tinsel and wreaths, the Trumps plan to unveil their own Christmas decorations on Dec. 3 in a Naples fundraiser that allows guests access for $10K per person with “one photo taken by [the] president.”

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