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Emily Tosta- A 23 age and great American Actress with a beautiful Model as she is a Dominican-republician

Emily Tosta

Emily Tosta Facts and personal information

The great and successful Actress is Emily Tosta is an American Actress who belongs to the Dominican American actress with also a producer. She is known as the playing Lucia Acosta in the television series Party of Five.

Let us take look at her personal information like ages, names, love-life, etc.

Emily Tosta was born in Santo Domingo in  March 1998 and if we see in the year 2020 her age is 22 so this proves that she has done work hard to look beautiful and workout hard to come into this film industry at this small age it is a little bit hard to achieve a great image in adult age.

Emily Tosta’s mother’s name is Emilia Tosta and belongs to Venezuelan and her father’s name is Jose  Romon Attias which belongs to the Dominican.

She is having a sibling as one brother Kartos Tosta and one sister Gabriela Tosta, she is having the nationality of America- the Dominican Republic. I we want to know her full name then it is Emilia Gabriela Attias Tosta.

She is right now single as obviously, she is small so not married will be the status as marital status and if she is not having a married then not having any child also.

Right now she is being an American Actress as a profession, also having a hobby of Singing and Dancing this is a good thing because they will create her good image and also for status.

She is having a height of 5 feet and 3 inches and her weight is 50kg. She is also known for Leticia Cruz on Mayans M.C. (2018).

Emily Tosta is currently living in the United States of America.


Emily Tosta- A great American Actress with a beautiful Model as she is a Dominican-republican 

Emily Tosta Career talks

Emily Tosta was interested in acting and singing so this is a good thing to have its quality before taking entry into the Hollywood industry.

When she was small so she is having experience in the acting business. She was 6 years old as selected for the showed up as a model in Dominican magazine ‘A  la Moda’. As she also is a part of the youthful model showed up in different musicians like Alice in Wonderland Cats, and Like in Broadway. She has also done Dramatization in a Tv show arrangement ‘Dama y Oberero’ as Giva Joven in 2013.

She is also working on a TV Show that is The Resident and also in the Movies is Selfie Dad, Willy’s Wonderland, and Peace of heaven movie.

Emily Tosta Net-worth

Emily Tosta net income as an actress and model is estimated to be 200-500 thousand dollar-$.

Emily Tosta working in a Part of Five show

This show is about the family Drama and it was updated on 90show and also tells about the central family which is relevant to in which they were facing the issue problem of the modern families.

In this show, Emily Tosta was there from Mexico when their parents got deported (Bruno Bichir and Fernanda Urrejolo). They leave their kids alone in the US in this show Emily performed a role of an Elder daughter Lucia.


More Facts and talks

Half of the Tosta family which belongs to the Dominican Republic

Emily Tosta father’s side is from the Dominican. ‘This is where I was born and raised’,” Tosta said, ” I lived here for almost 13.” “At 13, Tosta came with her mother, but not in Hollywood at first.”

At this time she gives an interview and said the best line and everyone should know this line,

“I’ve always wanted to act since I was a little girl. So basically my mom and dad were like, ‘Let’s just go to the States and pursue our dream. ‘We came out here with like two suitcases. English was not our first Language. My mom doesn’t speak any English and we came here with no legal status. So it was a  journey. We move to Miami first and we were looking at Acting with a Spanish Market. Then we just decided to move to L. A  and make the move and continued work.”

___By Emily Tosta in an interview in 2019.

Half of the Tosta family was from Venezuelan

Emily’s mother’s side is Venezuelan, so her family was from two different countries and moved to America.

Tosta said, “My whole family belongs to my mom’s side is in Venezuelan. My Grandma, My uncle, My aunt are over there.”

Venezuela going through such incredible  social and political crises right now, “Tosta said, “It’s kind of crazy so my mom has a charity called Karttos International when we bring supplies to them and  bring food and medicine and stuff to the people of Venezuela because we’re trying to help them out over there.’

Who is she Dating?

The actress is currently single. She has however been in a relationship with Crowd Collins, a Snapchat Star. They two met at a party in Los Angles and has been friends before Crawford asked Emily out. Emily Tosta and Crawford Collins start their relationship on the very first day by living together in Los Angeles before eventually calling off their relationship.

Frequently Asked Question

1) Is she having a Boyfriend?

If we look currently then she is single as no boyfriend she haves but yes, in past she is having in a relationship with Crawford Collins.

2) What is her height in the cm and weight in pounds?

If we look at that she is having 5 feet and 3 inches so this can be 106 cm and if we look at that she is having 50kg and she can have a 0 in pounds.

3) What is the Zodiac sign of Emily Tosta?

A sign of Emily Tosta is Aries as she was born in March.

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