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Weather Attention!! Thunderstorm Watch issued for CT, Know all the Details!!

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for parts of Connecticut this afternoon. The National Weather Service says showers and storms will hit the state from 2-4 pm, with a particularly heavy rain event expected in southwestern regions at 3 pm

This is due to a cold front moving through the region which should cause some flooding issues on roadways if left unchecked but also offer some relief from high temperatures that might otherwise exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit by late June!

The expected storm will have a significant impact on parts of New Jersey, NYC, and Long Island.

The watch is in effect until 7 p.m., but Nutmeg residents should expect wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph with brief heavy rain generating about one-quarter inch or more throughout the day depending on how quickly it rains and melts snowfall accumulations from earlier this week; there’s also a chance for small hail too!Thunderstorm Watch issued for CT

The weather service says you can count on getting wet during your walk home if conditions are right because these showers could last up to half an hour at times.”

Stronger thunderstorms could produce winds upwards of 60 mph and hail close to one inch in diameter. These powerful storms have the possibility of downing trees, power lines resulting in a blackout!

The weather is getting cooler, with a breeze and cloudy skies. The temperature will be around 37 degrees by nightfall but still breezy as it clears up.

The weather for Sunday is going to be a little more difficult than the day before, with an increasing chance of showers and storms in certain areas. The high will reach around 51 degrees but it’ll also rain at some point during this time; there’s about 40 percent likelihood that you might see one or two drops fall from noon until 1 am if not earlier! Despite these odds, though I’m sure everyone can agree on how great looking those morning clouds would look when they finally break through onto our horizon – don’t forget your camera because we may luck out here 🙂

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