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Duke Dennis, Net Worth, Love Life, Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Family, And 6 Other Details You Should Know!

Do you want to know everything about Duke Dennis? Want to know his age, height, weight, and more details about him? Keep reading to get the latest updates about Duke Dennis.

Duke Dennis
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Duke Dennis Career

What does he do professionally? Why is he famous? Get to know the answer to these questions by reading further.

Duke Dennis is a famous American content creator and YouTube gamer. He gained popularity when he began uploading and posting videos related to NBA 2K, which is a basketball simulation video game. His content has not only made him popular among the youth but has also helped him earn a lot.

The first video that he posted was known as NBA 2K17 dropped 19 on the superstar’s head- the best jump shot in NBA 2K17. This video gained a to of viewers and became very popular. Later, another video was posted by him called Angry Trash Talker. This video also became very popular.

Duke Dennis Residence

Do you want to know where does Dennis lives? Want to know where he is currently residing? Read here to get to know all the information.

Currently, the YouTuber is residing in a house with his brother. It has been reported that he is currently living in South Carolina, United States of America. This has been revealed by his brother’s Instagram and other social media accounts.

The exact location has not been disclosed by Duke due to privacy and safety reasons. However, in his videos, he calls his house’s location the Deeblock. He also described his residence in one of his videos.

Duke Dennis Personal Life

Do you want to read about his personal and private life? Keen to know when and where was he born? If yes, then you are in for a treat as the further section covers all these details.

Duke Dennis was born on 26th February in the year 1997. He turned 27 years old this year that is in 2021. He was born in the United States of America, and thus his nationality is American. He has mixed ethnicity. It is approximated that he is about 5 feet 10 inches or 177.8 cm tall. Most of the details about his private life remain unknown as he keeps the details a secret from the media.

There are no details available about his parents or his educational qualifications. The YouTuber neither reveals many details on his channel or Instagram posts. If there are any details, we will update you soon!

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Duke Dennis Net Worth

Do you want to know Dennis’ net worth? Want to know how much amount he has been able to make by posting videos on YouTube? Keep reading to all the latest updates about your favorite YouTuber.

It has been estimated that Duke’s net worth is approximately between one million US dollars and five million US dollars. This estimation has been made by republicworld.com. The reason behind this net worth is his hard work and dedication. He plays NBA 2K and streams videos.

Duke Love Life

Do you want to know if the Instagram star is dating anyone currently? If yes, then keep reading this to find out about his dating history.

Dennis is not dating anyone as of now. Keeping in mind that he keeps his private and personal life a secret from the media, assuming anything about his dating life is not possible. However, it is very sure that the YouTuber is currently focusing on his carer as of right now and not looking forward to any relationship.

There are no details about his past relationship as well. As soon as there are any updates, we will update you!

Duke Youtube
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Duke Dennis Lesser Known Facts

Here are some lesser-known interesting and juicy facts about Duke that will leave you shocked. Some of these facts are controversial, and some are just rumors that have not been confirmed by the Basketball enthusiast.

Last year, in 2021, Duke was robbed while he was playing NBA 2K21. Two men got into his home with guns while he streaming the game. This robbery was recorded and then was posted on social media. Some of the viewers claimed and speculated that it was a fake robbery. However, when later Dennis shared his views and feelings about the traumatic experience and how he was punched by the robbers the followers thought it was true.

Some of his videos even have more than one million views. The YouTuber is very close to his family and especially his brother. He also posts videos of him dancing on Instagram.

Duke Dennis
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Duke Dennis FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Duke Dennis. These also include many spicy questions that will help you know him even more closely. Read further to get all the details about him.

Does he have any siblings?

According to Instagram, Duke Dennis has one brother named Darius.

Is there any interesting fact about him that all his fans should know?

It is known that Duke has served in the army of the United States of America.

When did his career begin?

His career began in the year 2013. He began his career by creating a channel on YouTube and uploading videos related to basketball as he has always been passionate about that sport.

How many subscribers does he have?

As of now, the Youtuber has more than one million subscribers on YouTube and more than 200K subscribers on his Twitch account.

What is his eye color and hair color?

He has black hair and eyes.

What is his weight?

His exact weight is unknown. However, he looks slim and fit from his physical appearance. It is assumed he is around 75 kg.

What is his zodiac sign?

His birth sign is Pisces.

Does he follow any religion?

He follows Christianity.

Is he a native of America?

No, he is a Georgia native.


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