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How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like The Joker? Know Tricks

Learn how to make your GTA character look like the Joker. Grand Theft Auto games have been more or less paradise for every teenager during the 2000s who had a PC. From Vice City to San Andreas and now GTA V, the franchise has ingrained its name in the gaming industry and hearts of players.

How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like The Joker? Know Tricks

The attachment and response to the earlier games of the GTA series like GTA III and San Andreas had done one thing for sure – attracted loyalty. Rockstar Games did not fail GTA fans and came up with further hit games like GTA IV and GTA V. However, GTA V has stood out among the rest.

The storyline of GTA V takes place in the fictitious city of San Andreas. It is played from either a first-person or third-person perspective. The game follows three protagonists whose stories are interconnected – street gangster Franklin Clinton, drug dealing gunrunner Trevor Philips, and a retired bank thief Michael De Santa.

Their attempts to commit heists are borne out of the pressure put upon them by a corrupted government agency and influential criminals. The game consists of missions varying from shooting to escaping from a gang of criminals.

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How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like The Joker (Face)

Now, many players like to customize their characters’ appearances from the customization options available in-game. But some take it to a whole another level. They change their character’s appearance to a favorite personality or character from outside the game. Let’s learn how to make your GTA character look like a favorite personality, specifically the Joker from DC comics.

  • Open GTA V on your device.
  • Go to the nearest barbershop to your character’s current location. There are seven barbershops in the city of San Andreas. Five are in Los Santos, one in Sandy Shores, and one in Paleto Bay. The only shop different from the rest is the Bob Mulét.
  • Once seated, you’ll see a menu appear in the top left of your screen displaying the categories.
  • Select the Hairstyles category and choose the Slicked hairstyle (number 10 on the list). It’ll cost $375.
  • Now, select the brightest green color (i.e., color 39 of 48 available) for the Slicked hairstyle to match the Joker’s. To add more perfection in color, above the color option, there is the Highlights option where you should choose the yellow highlight (color 42 of 48).
  • Go back to the categories and select the Face Paints category. In that, choose Sorrow Demon (number 17 on the list). It’ll cost $13000.
  • Now, for the makeup, select Makeup from the categories and then choose Smudged (number 10 on the list). It’ll cost $550. Then, choose the reddish color for the Smudged, which is numbered 21.
  • With this, the facial appearance of the Joker is set for your character.

How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like The Joker? Know Tricks


After the facial appearance, all that’s left to change in your character is the clothes. Following are the steps to do so:

  • Go to the nearest apparel shop. Don’t worry if it’s Ponsonbys or Suburban, all of the clothing items are available in all of the apparel shops in the game.
  • Just like the barbershop, once you enter the apparel shop, a menu will appear on the top left side of your screen. In that, all categories will be present.
  • Select the Suit Pants category. Choose the Purple Slim Fit (number 11 on the list).
  • Go back to categories and select the Vest Shirts category. Choose the Pale Blue Shirt (number 4 on the list).
  • Now, select the Vests category and choose the Olive Check Vest (number 7 on the list).
  • Moving on to the Tie category, choose the Purple Skinny Tie (number 25 on the list).
  • Lastly, in the Smart shoe category, choose the Gray Two-Tone Oxford shoes.

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