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Painter of the Night Chapter 84: [Read Online] Release Date Updates

Painter of the Night is a manga that’s both historic and deep poetry. The first chapter was released on May 14th, 2019 with Lehzin Comics as its publisher – fans have been eagerly awaiting news about an update from them regarding when Chapter 84 will be available for viewing or purchase!

The manga is deep and meaningful, it’s a Korean manhwa that shows the realities of life including tragedy romance drama. The series is released in English Spanish or Korean languages depending on what you want to read about most often!


Painter of the Night is a story about Na-Kyum, an artist who paints sensual images from his imagination. He’s been called “The Painter” for giving life to color and bringing new meaning in it – just like how darkness can bring light when we trust our intuition! The entire journey has been narrated so soothingly that anyone could get involved easily with this manga right away–especially if they enjoy heartwarming tales told by artists across time…

The main protagonist of this manga is Na-Kyum, an artist who paints sensual images of men through his imagination. The story follows the journey he takes as a painter with discrimination against him for being different in many ways–first by society’s dark stereotypes and then also because there are those around him that want to see what value they can get out of it; including some friends along this way too willing participants which only makes matters worse when everyone starts judging them solely on how things look rather than who you are beneath all these layers

Painter of the Night Chapter 84

Na-Kyum is a painter who has been hiding his true identity for fear of being judged by society. He uses alternate names and publishes paintings under different ones, though he does get some love from people that are into art despite the difficulty in coming out due to family pressure or hate crimes against LGBTQIA+ individuals. One day while browsing on an online auction site one painting caught Na Kyum’s eye–a landscape called “The Smile” which Seungho loved so much he bought it without even seeing any other artwork first!

Curious about this man’s taste I decided to find more information about him…

Na-Kyum’s servant, Doek Jae is very jealous of him and tries to make his master feel that he isn’t worthy of any success. The last chapter ended with Na-Kyu MLS listening to music in the lap of Yoon Seungho while painting one more time before death took over again.

Painter the Night Chapter 84 Release DatePainter of the Night Chapter 84

Painter of Night is a captivating manhwa series that has captured the imagination of many. Fans are eagerly awaiting news about chapter 84, which was released today with no indication as to when more may come out! However readers can satisfy their curiosity by reading all 77 previous chapters available online or in stores near you before waiting for the 78th release later this summer – it will be worth your time because Valetudo contains an exciting cliffhanger ending where one main character dies…

The next installment should not disappoint so stay tuned if interested but remember there’s always room at home since these books have plenty left up to their sleeve!!!!

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