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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226: [Read Online] Release date, Watch Online, spoiler

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 uncovers Mikey’s appearance after Draken’s demise. Rokuhara and BRAHMAN needed to conflict, yet when they saw Mikey, they halted. The section title is Free-For-All. Tokyo revengers chapter 226 has been on this since the time it was found that Draken had a chance while securing Takemichi. From the most recent Tokyo revengers chapter 226, the Bikers understand that the head of Kantou Manji Gang, Mikey, has shown up. Takemichi gets down on his name, and the other Bikers show up behind Mikey with a banner composed of Kantou Manji Gang. Senju understands that all Gangs are here, and Rokuhara’s chief adds that it is fascinating.

Tokyo revengers chapter 226

Takemichi accepts that this isn’t the ideal opportunity for Mikey to begin a conflict here. Takeomi yelled at his men and said that the fight was intended for Draken. Rokuhara’s chief remarks that they can start “The War of Three Deities”. Kantou Manji Gang promises to kill everybody, and the two of them trade punches. Takemichi and Senju did not know what to do since the battle recently began. Takeomi reviled the Kantou Manji Gang that they let Draken be, which is the reason Draken got killed. Senju yells at her Gang, advising them to stop and not permit outrage to drive them.

Mikey glanced around and advised Coco to check out the circumstance. Nakamichi considers what Mikey is saying. Coco asks Boss (Mikey) in the event that he will take action, and Mikey answers that he is passing on this to Haruchiyo and the rest. Coco contemplates whether the Boss consideration about it, and Mikey get some information about what. Takemichi is as yet befuddled watching the two talking while “The War of Three Deities” proceeds as they trade blasts. Rokuhara’s chief is happy that he is rebuffing everybody before him since they are not from his side.

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Rokuhara’s chief discussed his previous Tenjiku Boys and advised them to disregard Kantou Manji Gang. He sees that Akashi is angry, and he is whipping his person into a bloody mess and understands that it is uncommon to see Akashi battling that way. He chose to initially settle things with BRAHMAN then, at that point, take on Mikey’s Gang. The weirdo troublemakers concur, and four of them venture forward to rebuff BRAHMAN’s individuals.

They are putting their hands inside the pocket like they won’t utilize them to battle. Takeomi blows up that South is giggling and handles an enormous punch that pushes South back. Senju sees that Takeomi is battling foolishly and reminds him to control his feelings. She understands that he may wreck and get rebuffs for being excessively forward. Senju needed to join the fight, and Waka halted her. He told her not to meddle since this fight was not quite the same as different ones.

Tokyo revengers chapter 226

Tokyo revengers chapter 226 release date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 will be delivered on 13 October 2021. South attempts to punch, yet Benkei blocks the punch and prods him that he punches like a young lady and isn’t appropriate for somebody of his size. Waka handled a twofold flying kick that harms South. Benkei let them know that he was managing them. South understands that it is the Tyrant Vs. Legends and discussed First-Gen Black Dragon. Dictator Vs. Legends start in the following part of Tokyo revengers chapter 226.

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