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Demon lord retry season 2 : Premiere Date, Plot, Characters and Things That Make You Love And Hate Demon Lord Retry Season 2.

Demon lord retry season 2

Demon lord retry season 2: In the first episodes, ‘demon lord retry’ feels so similar to ‘Overlord‘ that it becomes almost an insult to the whole Isekai genre. But soon, as the story starts to unfold, things take a slightly different turn and the anime starts to rise above its cliched Isekai elements. Now there’s nothing exceptionally great about demon lord retry season 2 but what makes it slightly better than most others is the fact that it is very self-aware of what it is trying to portray.

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demon lord retry season 2

While others struggle to establish themselves as unique anime shows, demon lord retry proudly makes references to ‘Overlord‘, ‘Re: Zero‘, and even ‘Steins; Gate‘. And not to mention, the anime comes from a very small studio.

So it’s a good thing that instead of adapting some quality source material, they’re taking on a genre that has been tried and tested by all the major studios. Overall, if you enjoy watching purposefully dumb and juvenile shows, then you should certainly go for this one.

Demon lord retry Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

demon lord retries Season 1 premiered on July 4, 2019, and ended on September 19, 2019. So far, when it comes to its popularity, it has done fairly well but its rating on most popular anime platforms is barely average. It has been adapted from a 3-volume light novel series that came out in 2017. Just recently, these light novels were reprinted again and might even get new volumes if the anime manages to further increases the sales of the source material.

A demon lord retry season 2 seems very less likely right now since its source material only has 3-4 volumes. Covering these in a span of 12 episodes should not be a big deal for the creators. But now that the light novel series is being reprinted, the author of these might come out with new volumes in the coming years.

And if that happens, the creators of the anime will also have more content for its renewal. As of now, it’s a bit too soon to judge what the future holds for this show. But as soon as we get any confirmations regarding demon lord retry season 2, we will update it here in this section.

Demon lord retry Season 2 English Dub:

The English Dub of demon lord retry season 2 is available on Funimation.

Demon lord retry Season 2 Plot:

Strangely, the plot of demon lord retry season 2 is very similar to that of ‘Overlord‘. It revolves around an ordinary working adult named Akira Oono who has been managing an MMORPG for the past 15 years now. After he finally decides to shut it down, he is suddenly transported to the gaming itself and he finds himself in the body of the Demon Lord of the game.

As soon as he enters the fantasy gaming world, he witnesses a little girl named Aku getting chased by a demon. Though he easily manages to destroy the demon, what concerns him is the fact that he neither created Aku nor did he create the demon.

This is when he starts to doubt his existence there and decides to investigate what exactly happened. Along with his new friend Aku, he sets out on a quest to look for answers but his journey towards finding his true purpose in this new fantastical world will certainly not be all sunshine and rainbows.

Oono Akira is an ordinary person working for an online gaming company. He often plays the character of the Dark Lord. However, when he opens the game one day, he enters the game’s fantasy world as the Dark Lord. There he meets an injured girl, and they start their journey together. But some nations and saints are trying to destroy the mighty Dark Lord. Wherever they go, they get in trouble.

Demon lord retry season 2 Characters:

Hakuto Kunai

Akira Oono, who later becomes Hakuto Kunai, is the main protagonist of the anime. He has been the administrator of an MMORPG, called Infinity game, for the past few years. He’s a very ordinary-looking adult male who firmly believes that there’s no such thing as God. Over the years, after working on the game for thousands of hours, he has become more or less of an expert.

demon lord retry season 2

After he gets magically transported to the world of Infinity Game, he realizes that he has become the Demon Lord of the Great Empire Hakuto Kanai. In appearance, he looks like a badass mobster and even smokes a cigar all the time.

He hates it when people start questioning his decisions and though he avoids indulging in any kind of violence, he does not hold himself back when his intentions of harming someone are justified. After some time, Oono’s personality starts to blend with that of the gaming character and this makes him extremely brutal towards his enemies.

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Being the Demon Lord, he holds immense power and durability but his only weakness is that he lacks magical resistance. Every time he kills his enemies, he gets some skill points that allow him to create more weapons and unlock several administrator options. Hakuto believes that he is a God and that’s why, just like Akira, he’s an Atheist.


Akira is a 13-year-old girl in the gaming world who is petite and has an androgynous appearance. She has short blond hair and heterochromatic eyes. She becomes Kunai’s first friend in the game and later even joins him during his journey towards finding his purpose.

Her right leg is infected and because of this, she is often bullied and abused by the people of her village who force her to do the worst jobs. But she never really complains about it until one day, when the Demon King Greol demands human sacrifices and when unanimously, the whole village casts her for it, she is left with no choice but to flee from there.

demon lord retry season 2

Later, she becomes a daughter figure for Kunai and though she seems a little hesitant about it, as she is not used to being treated that way, she later starts to accept all the love that he offers to her. The name “Aku” translates to “Evil” in English and Kunai often remarks that it is quite ironic because of how she is.

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