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Citadel CEO [LEAKED PROOF] about Lied Under Oath, Prison Ahead for him

Ever since the infamous GameStop and Amc Squeeze, it has become clear to see what Robinhood really thinks about retail investors. By cutting them off from buying stocks in order save Hedge Funds like Citadel who are ” HELPLESS ASKING FOR HELPING HAND !” The sudden inability for people with smaller amounts than $1000 on their card or even cash account caused alot of frustration among these powerless customers; but luckily there’s an easy solution

The Main Story

When Robinhood and citadel were called in front of the house committee, CEO’s from both companies had no choice but to answer questions about their ties with each other. When it came time for Citadel CEO Paul Compton he was asked by U.S Representative Juan Vargas if there had been any collusion between him or his employees and that company’s own founder Vlad Tenev who runs an app store called Robin Hood (the name comes from robbing Peter-to Pay Paul). He responded without hesitation: “No.”

” Let me be perfectly Clear, Absolutely Not”

And not only that when U.S Representative Juan Vargas mentioned a consequent deposition of his company’s Staff, he still didn’t back down! One thing we’re sure about Ken Griffin is in big trouble… But will he be charged?

If the leaked documents are verified, then Ken Griffin could soon be facing major charges for perjury and a possible prison sentence.

A number of documents that were leaked online suggest collusion between Robinhood CEO Ken Griffin and the US government. If these alleged transactions turn out to be true, he could face charges for perjury and even prison time – all because people can’t get enough personal data from him!

Here are the documents just in case they get deleted from the internet.

Citadel Ceo Lied Under Oath

In the document shown above, the COO of Robinhood is giving heads up to CEO Vlad Tenev about a scheduled meeting with Citadel. The CEO Replied that he should have talk Ken Griffin and confirmed it did happen as well if true- Kenneth will be in big trouble!

The document shown above is a heads-up from the COO of Robinhood, Gretchen Howard. She alerted their CEO Vlad Tenev about an upcoming meeting with Citadel and informed him that he should have another talk with Kenneth Griffin-CEO over at that company! But before they could get into any more details on how this may go down or even confirm whether or not there was really such thing as “a meeting” between them all (RobinHood President Jim Swartwout confirmed it), I need your help finding out what else might be in those papers if anything other than just vague rumors?

Citadel CEO [LEAKED PROOF] about Lied Under Oath, Prison Ahead for him

Citadel CEO [LEAKED PROOF] about Lied Under Oath, Prison Ahead for him

Citadel Ceo Lied Under Oath


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