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Michael K. Wiliams’ Cause Of Death Revealed! Overdose Of Drugs? Who found him

Michael K. Williams, the Wire star and 12 Years A Slave actor died from an accidental drug overdose on September 6th at age 54 in his Brooklyn home – this according to a spokespoc for New York City Chief Medical Examiner’s office (CCME) who also attributes the cause of death as ‘coca leaves mixed with fentanyl powder cocaine.

A statement released by CCMEx reads: “The investigation into Mr. Michael Kevin’s Cause Of Death Is Accidental Interaction Between Fentanyl And Heroin Inmixed With Cocaine … This Product Was Found At Scene When Toxicology Reports Were Being Prepared.”

Michael was best known for his role as Omar Little on The Wire, but he starred in many critically acclaimed roles throughout his career. Throughout Michael’s life he has been nominated at least five times with two Primetime Emmy Awards to date – one of those being Outstanding Supporting Actor from 2021’s Lovecraft Country episode!Michael K. Wiliams

Throughout his career, Michael has been nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards and won Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2021 for his performance on Lovecraft Country. This latest win came at an age when many people would be retiring or quitting due to other commitments such as family; however, he still carries out inspiring work today with roles that continue cementing him as a one-of-a-kind actor.

Michael had been open about his struggles with addiction in interviews, and it occasionally informed the performances. One of these recent movies was 2021’s Body Brokers according to IMDb which focuses on corruption within a rehab center he spoke openly about drugs during an interview for the WTF podcast hosted by Marc Maron where they discuss how certain characters affected him while experiencing relapses as well saying “I don’t like talking too much because then you start thinking more than just act.”

The actor never shied away from describing the hard truth of his battle with substance abuse in interviews. “I was playing with fire,” he told Inside New Jersey as Mike one cold winter’s day, 26 years ago when all semblance and memories had washed away like sand beneath an incoming tide.” No one who knew him well enough allowed himself any liberties; they’d watch out for each other- that is their way after all-and so it came down between the two: Him…or Himself? And then there were those nights where loneliness became too much to bear alone at last — these being dark times indeed without hope or light anywhere within reach save only what burning coals could provide against it.

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