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Blind Play Chapter 19 – Unexpected news | All the LATEST UPDATES!!!! | Synopsis | Characters | Storyline

Blind Play Chapter 19

Kon’nichiwa (hello),

What’s up to people, I brought you one more amazing article for you all that is about a webtoon named Blind Play Chapter 19. If you want to know all the latest updates of this webtoon then stay tuned till the very end! Blind Play is a continuous theme written by YD and featured by Like. Published by Leezhin.

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Synopsis of Blind Play Chapter 19 –

If life is a game, then Ah-in has always been a failure. Growing up in an orphanage left him poor and scarred, but he is now determined to get past the rat race and get rich quickly. In his role as a gay masseur, Ah-in has a unique marketing approach: he pretends to be blind, giving his clients rich, powerful, and complete confidentiality. One such client is Seo Ilmo, a mystery novelist with a reputation for being dangerous. And when Ah-in visits Mr. Seo’s apartment to meet, a deadly cat-and-mouse game begins. This time, however, Ah-in cannot be a failure…

Blind Play Chapter 19

Characters of Blind Play Chapter 19 –

Blind Play Chapter 19 has various amazing characters but following the most popular ones:-

Ah-in – Walking through the city, Ah-in talks on the phone about how he is alone. Driven inside and told to look where he was going, Ah-in replied calmly unable to do so because of his glasses. When the man leaves Ah-in he curses him like a fool. Caring for the client, Ah-in says it is nothing new to be touched during the day and it continues that many people make reservations out of curiosity.

To reassure the man that he could not see, Ah-in responds that he was not born blind but that he had an accident while in high school. Having esotropia, the Ah-right eye tilts inwards. By noticing that he must keep colored glasses, Ah-in has a language of his choice and helps them look at the Roxas clock he finds nearby. He gives Jeong-Yeon that to use for his journey. While Ah-referring to Jeong-Yeon as a man he would never have, he hopes she will love him. To accommodate her in a house near the station, Ah-in loves her there but is looking for maintenance money.

Saying that he was from room 3407, Ah-in returned his belongings which he had left behind before he came out with his white cane. Ah-in says his biggest clients are wealthy people in the public eye. Remembering not to check his watch in the event of others watching and not shaking hands, Ah-in continues his act of blindness as he is led to So’s residence. There, Ah-in sees the body openly but repeatedly wonders if it is a prank.

Refusing to drink, Ah-in says he has a place they will be after this. Seeing Seo stretching out his hand, but he shouldn’t have been able to, Ah-in shifts his movement to reach out and asks if Seo can take his hand to keep pretending. He feels that Seo is dangerous because he keeps checking to see if he sees and is more than a suspicious client.

Blind Play Chapter 19 - Unexpected news | All the LATEST UPDATES!!!! | Synopsis | Characters | Storyline

Seo Ilmo – While naked, Seo kills a man with a knife. Known as author Nim, he signs copies of his book “Shadow Song.” Delivering the letter to Han Jijoong he asks if that is the author’s call he sees. After booking Ah-in as the next victim, Seo finds him on the street but does not speak. He brought Ah-in to his apartment, Seo talks like this about this aesthetic wine bottle but is not sure if it will make him happy as he leads him to a room with a dead man on the sofa. Chateau Petrus, a leading wine that surpasses the top five chateaus is poured and is his favorite.

Seo heard the word “Petrus” apparently coming from Santa Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples, and guessed that the wine was the blood of a liar or something like that. Color and color viscosity are similar to blood and lead Ah-in would like to use something other than oil for massage. Pouring a blood bottle over the top of her vagina would require Ah-in to perform orally. According to Ah that he can’t drink Seo in a low mood so they should stop here and Ah-in is free to go now if he likes.

Seo repeats what has been revealed in threatening situations when he asks if Ah-in would like to take off his glasses. At the end of their session, Seo responds that he has not finished and puts Ah-next to the body next to them. Asking if Ah-in is scared Seo feels like that because Ah-in is stronger than before. Describing him as a frightened puppy, Seo then kissed Ah-in.

Jeong-Yeon – Reading Seo’s book, he describes it as a kind of clever crime committed by a highly educated man who pretends to be a shining person. It looks like a normal feature to him, but when one looks at the lines and the way the scenes are played differently, it’s not that bad.

As Ah-in always pleases him, Jeong-Yeon goes on to make it clear that even this style of writing has not been refined. Jeong-Yeon takes a moment to express it as if scenes are being shown in his mind. She thanks him for not having much time to thank Ah for letting her stay home. By the end of this semester, she would like to take a trip but has not yet set the details of the program. He also sees someone else.

Han Jijoong – Saying that it is fun to meet Nim and add that you are looking at him, Han shares that he is currently writing a mystery novel. Shame on her hand, Han feels like it looks unattractive. The person with the author’s call described by Seo in Han appears to be covered in blood next to Seo.

Blind Play Chapter 19

Han Myeong-Jun – Knowing Ah-in’s secret, Han is his friend. His call for Ah-in may have saved his life when he phoned him and told him to hurry up before adding that the meat was cold. After Ah-in collapsed, Han prepares him for food and medicine.

The storyline of Blind Play Chapter 19 –

Seo Ilmo kills a man and looks at his phone for him to receive a message. It comes from the Evan Blind Massage, received on Monday, October 19, 2020. At noon, Ah-in is on the phone and picked up by the customer. Part of her massage involves pleasing the client. On Friday, at the Seoul Tower, October 23, 2020, at 3 p.m., there is a book talk and autograph signing of the book named “Shadow Song” by Han Jijoong and Seo Ilmo.

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Jeong-Yeon wants to go for a trip and discusses it with Ah-in. Taking it as an in-game world, Ah-in feels that this is where paying the bills and expenses does not end. The rules are simple: if you stop lying, everything ends. However, Ah-in asks for all his belongings lied on the front desk, he is startled at how easy the process a person is to become addicted to something, which initiates as a curiosity. Seo recalls that he was on a bus to the next station in Hankookdae when he met Jeong-Yeon. Just after another assassination, Seo booking appointment appointments with Ah-in.

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