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Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 – EXCITING NEWS!!! [Watch Online] | All you need to know about Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 | Plot | Release date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

[Pokemon 2019 Episode 81]

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 – About the series

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 – When Pokemon and his friends started their errand called Mew, in the previous episode, they came back from Alolan nine towers and how they finished their experimental work! Along with other exciting news stories and amazing animation, In this episode 80, they get to know the confusing old town where Shiny Volcarona lives. To everyone’s surprise, they came across a mysterious person who was portrayed as a Pokemon Hunter. How did they succeed? How will they wake up in this situation? Let’s see!

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

Pokemon is one of the most sought-after anime shows of all time. In Tokyo, the Pokemon franchise launched the next series called Pokemon Journeys on November 17, 2019. This is the 23rd episode of the ’80s. To date, all 80 episodes are welcome among fans. In addition, this article is about episode 80 A recap, the release date of episode 81, and robbers of episode 81.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 – Plot

The Pokemon World Championship kicks off with the Pokemon 2019 Episode 81, where Satoshi rose to a higher position to make his way to the Supreme Monarch Dante. Pokemon 2019 unveils the exciting journey of Satoshi as well as Goh as they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat Pokemon World to attain their dreams. Since the latest episode of Pokemon 2019, travelers thank Alolan Kyukon and see that he stays safe in Pokem Hunter not to catch him. One of the Pokemon Defenders notes that when he receives the Hunter signal, he will inform everyone. They talked about Triam Mission and the coach who once captured Koyukon.

Goh receives an open message from his first case project from Project Mew. Satoshi asks him what he is saying, and Goh learns what happened. The two found out that Goh could choose any Pokemon he wanted in his case. Goh gets a job collecting Ulgamoth’s gold scales. Satoshi has no clue what it means, and Sakuragi told them it was the key to the machines.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

Sakuragi asks Kikuna to show the details of the reference to the chief security guard. Kiruna discovers that Ulgamoth is Sun Pokemon: Bug / Fire-type.
It catches a cobra formed by the blazing flames and has six wings to propagate its Ember scales, encompassing the lake of fire around it. Satoshi wonders if those scales are gold. Sakuragi reminds the boys that they should get that and cancel the mission.

Goh scrolls through his Data Index to find the most detailed location for Ulgamoth. They found out that it was Resort Dessert in Isshu and decided to go there. They realize that this is where Goh caught Golugh in the ruins of Titan.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 80 – A quick recap

The title of the episode is “Trial Mission: Ugamoth’s Golden Scales.” Goh and Satoshi have arrived at the ruins of Tit e Isshu to try out the first Project Mew’a of the Mission Mission. Both of them had a meeting with the Chief and explained to him why they were here. The chief told the pair that the case had been heard a few days ago since the incident. Satoshi wonders what happened.

Cheif revealed that there were Pokemon Hunters nearby who used unusual methods to capture the Pokemon. But his excavation team made the findings related to Ulgamoth’s touch. They went to learn about Ulgamoth, and the Chief recounts the history of Ulgamoth. Satoshi wonders if Ulgamoth is a God of fire and Goh realizes that the rage of the mountain means a volcano.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

They believe that Ulgamoth may be located on volcanic mountains. The chief added that there was a gold mine located near the ruins, which was closed during the eruption of the volcano. Two heads went out to explore. Later, they arrived at a dilapidated town and wondered if anyone was still living there. Satoshi notices the volcano. They came to a tunnel where they used to dig for gold.

They decided to go in, but Bat Pokemon scared them. Satoshi notes that it is Koromori. Goh encounters the Dangoro Rock-type Pokemon type discovered a hundred years ago when an earthquake exploded on an exposed rock layer. They decided to design, and Goh used some kind of water to conquer Dangoro. Intel Xeon used a Snipe Shot, and they managed to catch it.

But the Dangerous crowd chased after them. Later they met various Pokemon and fought them. Pokmon Hunter emerges and starts stealing eggs and Pokemons because he wants to make money. Goh and Satoshi stopped them after a big fight.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 – Where to watch?

You can watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 online on Netflix Pokemon is available every week without the anime taking a weekly break. The latest episodes of Pokemon 2019 play on Netflix with English subtitles. Don’t miss the tourist series. Let’s meet there for the release of the latest episode of Pokemon 2019.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 – Release date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81 is all set to get released on Friday, September 17, 2021, on TV TOKYO at 6:55 PM JST. Pokemon Journeys Title: Episode 81 will be “Clash !? Blue Pokémania! ”.

Central Time Zone: 4:55 PM Friday
Mountain Time: 3:55 PM Friday
Eastern Time: 5:55 AM Friday
Hawaii Time Time: 11:55 AM Friday

Q. Is Pokemon 2019 a fix?

Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution is a Japanese film of the year 2019 directed by Engineer Sakakibara as well as Kunihiko Yuyama. The film is the 22nd episode of the Pokémon film series and the CGI film re-release of the first film. The film was animated by Spite Animation Studios, OLM Digital, as well as OLM.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

Q. Does Goh change the ashes?

Goh can’t replace Ash, who has been the main character in the series for more than 20 years. Goh is more likely to be a character type of friend in the coming seasons like Brock, or Tracey. However, the series could make him concentration more on the Journeys saga of Pokemon but he does not appear in the upcoming seasons.

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Q. Is Pokemon 2019 a good anime?

All in all, this show is really fun and really good, I’m looking forward to a new episode every week and I might recommend a series to people who have cast a Pokemon anime in the past. Why did I give it an 8? Because we’re too quick to get into this game, so I can’t say it’s quite perfect.

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